Operating hours will remain the same. Textbook/course material pick-up, consultation and retail service processes will remain the same. However, social distancing requirements will decrease the number of students and customers allowed inside the bookstore 6 foot spacing and other social distancing requirements will be enforced, inside the store, at all times. Students and customers are required to wear face coverings when inside the bookstore. Service counter capacity for textbook and course material pick up, as well as consultation services, will be reduced from 8 point of sale sites to 4. Each point of sale unit, at both the textbook and retail service counters , will be equipped with a plexiglass partition for the protection of students, customers and staff. Staff will wear coverings when servicing students and customers. Students and customers will be asked to wait outside the bookstore until the inside capacity changes and allows another student/customer to enter in. Important and commonly used touch points will be cleaned and sanitized throughout the business day.