Instructions to Register for Classes

Register today to make sure you get the classes you need! It's easy.

  1. Find your 4-year degree plan based on your first year at FSU:
  2. Create your schedule with three alternate courses. To graduate on-time you should take 15 credit hours or five (5) classes.
  3. Log-in to Banner
  1. Click Student Tab
  2. Click Registration
  3. Click Look Up Classes
  1. Click Add/Drop Classes
  2. Add your classes

Spring classes will be delivered through multiple methods to include: main campus (face-to-face), online, live streaming/remote (synchronous - classes meet online, but at specific days and times), and hybrid. To learn about the registration coding for the different options, visit and click on Fall/Spring.

If you need help registering for courses, contact your academic advisor. Find the advisors' contact information at