Student Center

The maximum number of people in the Student Center facility will be limited by access control and other measures.

  • Student Center Stairways: The Student Center stairways will be identified as "up only" or "down only"
  • Student Center Elevator: Use of the elevator should be limited when possible to avoid close proximity with others in a confined space. No more than three people may ride in the elevator at a time. If using the elevator, wear a required face covering and avoid touching the elevator buttons with exposed hand/fingers. If possible, use elbow to press buttons. Wash hands or use alcohol based hand sanitizers as the preferred forms of hand hygiene upon departing the elevator.

We require that all participants wear cloth face coverings while in the Student Center and adjacent outdoor areas.

Everyone should practice social distancing of at least 6 feet between people at programs, events, meetings, and other gatherings held in the Student Center and adjacent outdoor spaces.

Common areas in the Student Center may be closed at peak times to promote social distancing measures. Common spaces may also be closed so that they may be cleaned and disinfected.