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Masters of School Administration

The Masters of School Administration is designed to prepare school leaders for the nation. Our program is a 42-credit, cohort-based degree program. It is administered as an Administrative Clinical Model. Under this model all students are considered full-time and are required to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and ability through year-long internship. The program cohort begins each fall and completes all requirements in two years.

Program Objectives

  • Prepare visionary school leaders for the restructuring of school and the development of shared accountability for teaching and learning.
  • Develop well-rounded school leaders as creative agents for change.
  • Develop ethnically sensitive and open-minded school leaders who have the knowledge and skills needed to respond to social, political and economic changes, and to quality, equity, and gender issues.
  • Recruit, select, and prepare school leaders, with special focus on women and minorities who demonstrate potential for outstanding educational leadership.
  • Provide school leaders with an opportunity to demonstrate knowledge, skills, and abilities through clinical experiences and a full-time year-long internship.

Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership

Our Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership is an innovative program designed to provide an interdisciplinary focus on leadership and the tools, theories & experiences necessary to succeed in creating inclusive and equitable learning environments. Students may choose a focus in PK-12 or higher education. We offer a cohort-based (approx. 18 students) Research Clinical Model with online, hybrid, and weekend classes to accommodate our candidates.

Program Objectives

  • Produce transformative leaders who are capable of creating a new educational paradigm.
  • Combine theory with practice to provide candidates with a detailed understanding of the complex issues impacting education and student achievement.
  • Prepare leaders to successfully transform current educational settings into inclusive and equitable learning environments.
  • Address the crisis of educating historically underserved diverse communities using an interdisciplinary focus on leadership.
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Program Information Sheets

Doctoral Graduation Dates:

  • Henceforth, all students intending to graduate in the Spring or in the Fall should formally secure a confirmed dissertation defense date that falls no later than 2 (TWO) weeks after midterm of the semester in which they plan to graduate.  Therefore, you must make sure that your dissertation chair, in consultation with the committee members, have formally approved your readiness for defense.  Please note that this deadline will apply until we notify of any changes and no exceptions will be accommodated.  Plan accordingly as you must have a very good quality draft of the complete dissertation, in the semester prior to the planned graduation one.

Forms for ALL Doctoral Degree Students

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