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Miriam Chitiga

  Miriam ChitigaDr. Miriam Chitiga is an interdisciplinary, global researcher and scholar whose work is centered on investigating issues relating to social justice and empowerment.  She is interested in developing models of leadership that advance democratic, transformational, empowering and enriching experiences for all involved.  She is curious to discover more effective ways of utilizing women’s ways of knowing, leading, sharing, advocating, and leading within the leadership arena.  Her PhD. is in Educational Leadership and Policies, with specialization in Higher Education and cognates in Gender Studies, Qualitative Research Methods, and Applied Linguistics.  Her research and grant writing activities include work on Diversity and Social Justice, Intersections of Race, Class, Gender, Sexuality, and Geographical Origin; Critical Pedagogy.  Some of her major projects also include Civic Engagement, International Studies, HIV/AIDS and Minorities, Healthy Relationship Development and Freshmen Studies.  Her international and interdisciplinary work in civic engagement, leadership, and empowerment encompasses a variety of her most treasured activities and has earned her highly competitive institutional grants and prestigious fellowships.  She is a full-time associate professor teaching a variety of courses in Educational Leadership.  Wherever there is social justice work to be done, Miriam welcomes conversations, collaborations, and ideas from colleagues and can be reached at:

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