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Eric Hyman

Dr. Eric Hyman

Dr. Eric Hyman

Office:  Butler Building 123
Phone:  (910) 672-1901


Ph.D. in English, Rutgers, 1984.

M.A. in English, Rutgers, 1975.

A.B. in English, University of California at Berkeley, 1972.



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"The Indefinite You." English Studies 85.2 (2004): 161-176.

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"The Nonliteral, Non-gluteal, Semi-referential, Off-standard, Synecdochic, Supermetonymic, Paradoxical, Existential, Ever-lovin Ass." Journal of Popular Culture 26.3 (1993): 203-209.

"Lolita's John Ray, Jr.'" English Language Notes 28 (September 1990): 59-61.

"'So Sely an Avisyon': The House of Fame as Comic Monologue." Essays in Literature 16 (1989): 155-171. 

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