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Division of Facilities Management

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Structural Maintenance

The Structural Maintenance Department assists in the areas of Carpentry, Painting, and Locksmith shop.

Departmental Services

These are services for which the Physical Plant does not receive a budget allocation and which must be paid for by the requesting department. Examples of departmental services include:

  1. Minor alterations to buildings or structures assigned to a department or activity. (construction of partition walls, installation of light fixtures, construction of counters).
  2. Addition of special equipment such as laboratory equipment, Venetian blinds, special lighting, etc.
  3. Repair work to office furniture in departmental office.
  4. Painting at a time other than that specified in the regular maintenance painting cycle.

Any changes or services required or desired for University buildings which are not routine maintenance and operation of the building, must be funded by the department requesting the change or service.

The Division of Facilities Management services are provided on the basis of actual cost charges only. Services performed as departmental services are invoiced on a monthly basis using the intra-campus auxiliary billing system.

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