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After Hour Access

Fayetteville State University Card Access Control Policy

Authority: Issued by the Chancellor. Changes or exceptions to administrative policies issued by the Chancellor may only be made by the Chancellor.
Category: General University Policies
Applies to: Administrators, Faculty, Staff
History: Approval - Pending
First Issued: – 5/14/07
Related Policies: North Carolina Department of Administration
Contact for Info: Facilities Management Division, 910/672-1827

I. Purpose

In an effort to better serve our students and faculty by providing a safer, more secure learning environment, Fayetteville State University has developed a policy for managing after-hours (nights/weekends) access into University Buildings.  This policy will address concerns for personal safety/security, protection of valuables and confidentiality.  Anyone who is granted “After-Hours Access” privileges is obligated to comply with all policy guidelines.

II. After Hour Access

The Campus after hour access policy is as follows:

A. Authorized Personnel
Full time faculty, permanent-full and part time staff and annual contract faculty may have after-hour access to university buildings. Access to classrooms will be granted to faculty members assigned to smart classrooms. Students shall not have after-hours access to Academic and Administrative Buildings.

B. Access Privilege
Access privilege is issued to the responsible individual until access to the area is no longer needed.  At that time, the grantee and the appropriate supervisor are to notify the Facilities Management Director of Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management.

C. Employee Key Check-out Process
The Office of Human Resources provides an employee check out sheet that requires a signature from Facilities Management indicating that all access privileges have been terminated.  If identification cards are not returned, the employee's final paycheck will be held.

D. Identification Cards (ID)
All ID cards remain the property of Fayetteville State University and shall be returned when no longer needed.

E. Shared or Loaned ID Cards
Sharing or loaning ID cards is strictly forbidden.  Persons determined to have shared or loaned ID cards may lose facility access privileges and will be subject to disciplinary action.

F. Contractors
Contractors are not permitted access without prior approval of the Campus Police.


All "After-Hours Access" requests must be made on the FSU "After-Hours Access" Request form provided by the Facilities Management Office. The requestor must complete the form and obtain the signatures of the  appropriate Vice Chancellor and building manager. Once approved, the forms should be submitted to Facilities Management via fax 672-1113 or by person, who will contact the Bronco Card Office to grant access. The requestor will be contacted via e-mail when the access privileges have been granted.


Approved access requests will be reviewed for approval:

  1. Faculty and staff who have an office within the requested building.
  2. Faculty and staff who work outside their assigned building will be considered for access to other building(s).
  3. All the above will require the approval of the respective Vice Chancellor.

V. Denied Access Requests
The Facilities Management Director of Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management will deny requests if any of the following apply:

  1. Missing approval signature of the respective Vice Chancellor.
  2. Insufficient information (i.e. status: full time, part time, etc).
  3. Unauthorized requestor (i.e. student or student worker).
VI. Procedure

The After-hour Access Procedure is as follows:

  1. The requestor completes the online after-hour request form located at Facilities   Management’s website.
  2. Obtain the appropriate approval signatures.
  3. Fax signed request form to facilities fax # 1113.
  4. Facilities personnel will call/email request to One-Card Office.
  5. Requestor will be notified when access has been granted. (same day)
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