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Key and Lock Requests

Key Control Policy and Procedures

In an effort to reduce the loss of Campus keys thereby improve physical security for Campus facilities a key control policy has been established for issuing/managing campus keys. These practices have been established to heighten awareness, especially for areas that need limited access due to concerns for security, confidentiality, or high valued items. Acceptance of keys from Fayetteville State University (FSU) obligates persons to follow all key control rules.

Key Control Policy:

The Campus Keying Policy is as follows:

  1. Student workers may not have keys issued to them (except residence hall keys).
  2. Full time faculty, staff, permanent-part time staff and Annual Contract Faculty may have keys issued to them.
  3. Keys issued become the individual's responsibility until termination of employment at Fayetteville State University or access to the area for which a key was issued is no longer needed. At that time, the keys are to be returned to the Facilities Management Locksmith Department.
  4. The office of Human Resources provides an employee check out sheet that requires a signature from Facilities Management Director of Operations or desinee indicating that all keys have been returned. If keys are not returned the employee's final paycheck will be held. Charges for lost keys will be deducted from the employees pay unless the keys are returned or other payment arrangements are made.
  5. All keys remain the property of Fayetteville State University and shall be returned when no longer needed. Keys are assigned to individuals and shall not be passed along to another person or to a person hired to replace a departing employee.
  6. Key duplication is strictly forbidden. Persons determined to have had keys duplicated may lose facility access privileges and will be subject to disciplinary action.
  7. Only individual office keys should be taken off the Campus. All other keys should be secured on the Campus prior to leaving at the end of each workday. Contractors are not permitted to take any keys off FSU property. (NOTE: A violation of this policy could render an individual responsible for the expense of a relock for the affected areas and repeat offenses may result in further disciplinary action being taken).

The seriousness of key control cannot be overemphasized. The loss of any University key makes the Campus vulnerable relative to safety and security. These measures are intended to heighten individual awareness of the importance of key and access control.

Key Request Process:

All keys must be requested on the FSU Key Request form provided by the Facilities Management Office or by clicking the General Key Request Form available on the Facilities Management Web site. The completed request forms must contain the signatures of the requestor, the appropriate Department Chair and Dean/Director before they will be processed. Once signed, the forms go to the Director of Operations or designee, in the Facilities Management Building on West Campus. The requestor will be contacted via e-mail when the keys are ready (within 5 to 7 work days) and may then pick-up and sign for them in the Facilities Management Administrative Office.

Grand Master Keys, Master Keys and Exterior Door Keys require the signature of the appropriate Vice Chancellor, the Campus Police Chief and the Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities Management in addition to those listed above. The issuance of Grand Master Keys, Master Keys and Exterior Door Keys are limited to Vice Chancellors and Deans Only. The FSU Master Key Request form should only be completed after approval from Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities Management.

  •  Master Key Request Form
Denied Key Requests:

The Director of Operations or designee will deny key requests if any of the following apply to the request.

  • Missing authorizing signatures or other required information
  • Insufficient information (i.e. status: Full Time, Part Time, etc.…)
  • Request is for an exterior door without approval the respective Vice Chancellor, Campus Police Chief and the Associate Vice Chancellor of Facilities Management
  • Request is for an area that is not under the requestor's or the signing Dean's or Director's cognizance
  • Request is for an unauthorized person (i.e. student or student worker, master key request)
  • Previous key has been issued to the requestor for the same area
  • Request is for a lost or stolen key and a loss or theft report has not been filed with Campus Police
  • Request is for a master key/building key

Understanding these requirements will help expedite key requests.

Charges for Key Loss:

Report lost keys immediately to Campus Police. Lost keys will be assessed a fee of $25 per key for FSU employees if it is a first time loss of keys and there is no indication that it is necessary to re-key the effected area. In some isolated instances, Campus Police and Facilities Management may determine that re-keying is necessary as a result of lost keys for security reasons. Should it be necessary to re-key a building or an area due to lost keys, an employee departing without retuning keys, departmental concern for physical security or determination that unauthorized duplicate keys have been made, the department will be assessed the actual cost of re-keying and re-issuing of keys to the effected spaces.

Students will be assessed a charge of $15 for lost residence hall keys unless it is determined to be necessary to re-key the effected locks. If re-keying is required the student will be assessed $35 per door lock re-keyed plus $15 for a new key.

Should an FSU employee experience multiple loss of assigned keys for any reason, including theft, the following charges will be applied for the second and subsequent losses of FSU keys:

REQUEST FEE: Re-key of office lockset. $25 Request for additional keys $2 Request to unlock a door $10 Replacement of lost keys $10 Picking of desk locks or filing cabinets $10

Grand Master $ 1000.00
Master $ 500.00
Exterior Door Key $ 400.00
Sub Master $ 150.00
"M" Operating Keys $ 50.00
"G" or "J" Operating Keys $ 25.00
Labor Charge $ 20.00

The above costs are based on the importance of and potential risks associated with the various type of key and further highlight the reason for not leaving campus with keys other than those necessary to access an office or work area (G or J Operating Keys).

Facilities Management Division
Key Control Policy
July 2009

5. Procedure #3: Key and Lock Service

5.1 Purpose: Explains the policy and procedures regarding the issuance, return, and control of keys utilized to access university facilities.

5.2 Scope: Applies to all university facilities excluding housing.

5.3 Master Key File: The Facilities Management Locksmith Department maintains a master key file for each building on campus. This file permits the Facilities Management to provide additional keys upon written request from a department head, or authorized representative.

5.4 Facilities Access: The Division of Facilities Management provides keys for maintenance, building services, and police personnel to perform their functions and is responsible for control of these key.

5.5 Departmental Responsibilities: Each Building Manager is provided with and is responsible for the administration of keys issued to the department. All requests for lock maintenance, key replacement, and service should be directed to the Building Manager.

5.5.1 Key Tracking Log: The Building Manager is responsible for ensuring that a log is maintained at all times identifying the employees assigned specific keys. The university locksmith will review and audit these departmental logs for accuracy on a periodic basis.

5.5.2 Key Requests: Requests for additional keys should be made by the Building Manager utilizing the F.S.U. key transmittal form. A copy of this form may be found in Appendix A of this procedure manual. All additional key requests are considered departmental services and the fee for providing the keys will be charged to the requesting department.

5.5.3 Loss of Keys: Upon determination that issued keys have been lost or stolen, the Building Manager must immediately notify the appropriate Department Head, University Police and the Facilities Management Office. Costs for lock changes due to the loss of keys are charged to the affected department.

5.5.3 Return of Keys: The Building Managers are responsible for ensuring that keys are returned by departmental employees upon transfer from the department, retirement, or termination from the university.

5.6 Master Key Policy: The integrity of any secure locking system is directly related to the degree of control exercised over the issuance of keys. Widespread and indiscriminate issue of master keys poses the greatest threat to the integrity of such systems. The following policy governs the issuance and control of master keys.

5.6.1 Grand Master Keys: These keys provide the widest access a number of facilities. Issuance of Grand Master Keys is limited to Chancellor and Vice Chancellors and the University Locksmith. The Chancellors authorization is required for the issuance of these keys.

5.6.2 Building Master Keys: These keys will be issued only to Deans, Department Heads, Facilities Maintenance Coordinators, Maintenance Supervisors, and the University Police Department. The Vice Chancellor of Business and Finance authorization is required for the issuance of these keys.

5.6.3 Building Sub Master Keys: These keys may be issued to individuals at the discretion of the Dean or Department head of a designated area.

5.7 Lock Service Charges: Defective, inoperable, and broken locks will be repaired or replaced by the Division of Facilities Management without charge to the occupying activity. When such locks are replaced or repaired, they will be set up for operation on the existing key.

5.8 Key Duplication and Misuse: Unauthorized possession or use of a key may result in disciplinary action. Keys for university locks shall not be reproduced or duplicated from commercial sources. Unauthorized duplication of university key will result in disciplinary action.

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