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Maintenance Request

4. Procedure #2: Requests for Facilities Maintenance, Planning & Construction Services

4.1 Purpose: To discuss the procedure for reporting maintenance requests to the Division of Facilities Management, and the prioritization and scheduling of requests

4.2 Routine Requests: Each department requesting service has a designated Building Manager who has the responsibility to report emergency maintenance problems for the entire facility. The Building Manager may designate a staff individual to perform the day to day tasks associated with this position while still maintaining overall responsibility for the facility. All emergency requests for service should be routed through this individual. This provides someone with whom the Facilities Management team can coordinate to accomplish work in an expeditious manner. Building Managers are urged to make emergency requests for services by filling out an on-line work request by clicking on the "Facilities Management Work Order" link located on the FSU Faculty/Staff webpage and follow with a phone call to the Facilities Management Control Center at extension 1431 or 1432. Following are instructions to access Facilities Management Work Order system.

  • Go to the FSU Home Page
  • Click on Faculty/Staff
  • Click on Facilities Management Work Order link (Under Administrative Services heading)
  • Login (Use FSU Network Account to login)
  • When all information has been entered on a request, it is electronically transmitted to the Division of Facilities Management, where it is reviewed for accuracy and forwarded to the appropriate shop for action.
  • Inquires and request can be made by directly contacting the department at  Ext. 1431 or 1432. Office hours are 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

4.3 Emergency Repair Services: Emergencies are defined as those problems requiring immediate action to restore or avoid interruption of such essential services as electricity, water, gas, heat, air conditioning, and plumbing, or to correct those conditions which are considered hazardous to personnel or students, equipment and facilities.

4.3.1 Reporting During Normal Office Hours: Situations which appear to require immediate maintenance or repair attention to either prevent or resolve an emergency should be reported by telephone to the Division of Facilities Management office at 672-1431 or 672-1432.

4.3.2 Reporting After Normal Office Hours: At other times, telephone reports should be made to the University Police Department (672-1775). It will be the responsibility off the University Police to call in the appropriate individual to handle the problem.

4.4 Scheduling of Repairs: Repairs are scheduled and updated on a weekly basis. Priority is assigned to each work order in accordance with the following work order response priority system:

Emergency: Any situation posing immediate danger to life, property and/or the environment.

Priority #1: Urgent- Equipment not operational, requires fast action and/or correction . Failure to rapidly correct could have significant impact on operations in facility. Example: Failure of A/C system in summer.

Priority #2 : Preventative Maintenance. Example: changing filters, belts etc.

Priority #3: Routine Maintenance. Work which can be deferred and has no established completion date.

Priority #4: Shutdown required work that cannot be accomplished while equipment is in operation.

4.5 Buying Service with Departmental Funds: Services that are to be paid for by a departmental budget must be requested through the Work Order Request System.

4.5.1 Estimate: Preliminary Planning and cost estimates are prepared by Facilities Planning and are returned to the requesting department.

4.5.2 Estimate Status: Requests for information concerning status of an estimate should be directed to the Facilities Planning and Construction office, at 672-1944.

4.5.3 Changing Scope or Cost: Changes in scope after the estimate has been approved must be made in writing and have approval of the  Director of Facilities Planning and Construction.

4.5.4 Estimate Limitation: Cost Estimates are normally good for 120 days. After 120 days, the estimate costs must be reviewed and revised as necessary.

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