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Procedures Manual

  1. Introduction
  2. Administrative Structure
  3. Procedure 1 - Funding for Facilities Services
  4. Procedure 2 - Requests for Facilities Services
  5. Procedure 3 - Key and Lock Service
  6. Procedure 4 - Reservation Procedures for Motor Fleet Vehicles
  7. Procedure 5 - Special Events Setup
  8. Procedure 6 - Moving and Hauling Services
  9. Procedure 7 - Facilities Construction, Renovation and Repair

1. SECTION ONE - INTRODUCTION: Fayetteville State University is a constituent institution of the University of North Carolina. The 146-acre campus is composed of 38 buildings that contain over 940,000 square feet of interior space in an urban setting.

1.1 Mission Statement: The Division of Facilities Management functions are to design, construct, maintain and operate the physical facilities of the University. The number one objective of the department is to provide and maintain facilities that will enhance and support the mission and academic goals of the University. Our approach is centered upon providing a superior level of customer service.

1.2 Vision Statement: We are facilities professionals dedicated to operation and maintenance of the campus physical plant. Our goal is to provide exceptional customer service to all our customers, whether they are students, faculty or staff.

1.3 Organization Structure: The department is one of several units that fall under the responsibility of the Vice Chancellor of Business and Finance. The department operates with an Assistant Vice-Chancellor, Director of Operations, Director of Planning & Construction,  and five supervisors. The makeup and composition of each supervisors area is as listed below:

  • Mechanical Maintenance: HVAC and plumbing, and electrical, fire alarms, and elevator maintenance total of two supervisors and thirteen employees
  • Structural Maintenance: Carpentry and Painting. One supervisor and five employees
  • Housekeeping: Custodial cleaning, six supervisors and thirty-five employees
  • Roads & Grounds Maintenance: One supervisor and twelve employees
  • Locksmiths:  One Supervisor, one employee
  • Vehicle Maintenance: One Supervisor, two employees

2.1 Job Descriptions: Listed below is the position titles and a brief description of the duties and responsibilities for each functional area of the Department of Physical Plant.

2.1.1 Facility Maintenance Manager: The Associate Vice-Chancellor for Facilities Management.  Oversees the operations of the department. This position reports directly to the Vice Chancellor of Business and Finance.

2.1.2 Plant Maintenance Supervisor: The Director of Operations handles the day-to-day operations of the department. This position reports to the Facility Maintenance Manager.

2.1.3 HVAC/Plumbing Supervisor: Responsible for supervising the efforts of all mechanical maintenance employees. This position reports to the Plant Maintenance Supervisor I. Eleven employees report to HVAC/Plumbing Supervisor.

2.1.4 Roads and Grounds Supervisor: Supervises the efforts of the Grounds Maintenance employees. This position reports to the Plant Maintenance Supervisor. twelve employees including the university moving and hauling unit. 

2.1.5 Housekeeping Administrator: Responsible for supervising the efforts of the Housekeeping employees. This position reports to the Plant Maintenance Supervisor. Thirty-five housekeeping employees report to the Housekeeping Administrator.

2.1.6 Structural Supervisor: Responsible for the supervision of the structural shop, which includes painters and carpenters. This position reports to the Plant Maintenance Supervisor. Five employees report to Maintenance Mechanic IV.

2.1.7 Vehicle/Equipment Repair Supervisor: Responsible for the administration and maintenance to the automotive shop. This position reports to the Plant Maintenance Supervisor. Two employees report to the Vehicle/Equipment Repair Supervisor. 

2.2 Office Administration

2.2.1 Office Hours: The Division of Facilities Management Hours are as follows:
Regular Academic Year : Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Summer Schedule*: Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

*Dates for conversion to the summer schedule vary from year to year. Notification of summer schedule dates is issued annually from the Chancellors Office. Most employees work half days on Fridays, however each unit has someone on duty until 5:00 pm each day throughout the Summer. 

2.2.2 Correspondence: Executive Assistant responsible for overseeing the efforts of the two administrative support assistants in Administration and serve as Executive Assistant to the Facilities Maintenance Manager and Director of Operations. This position reports to the Plant Maintenance Supervisor. 

2.2.3 Staff Meetings: Staff meetings are held weekly or on an as needed basis.

2.2.4 Personnel Policies:

Uniforms: All employees are designated to wear uniforms and report to work in full uniform, Monday through Thursday.  Any individual who reports to work out of uniform, without a certified doctors excuse, will be sent home on leave without pay until such time as the employee can return to work in the proper uniform. Safety shoes must be worn throughout the entire week.

Leave Requests: Regular leave requests must be submitted at least 48 hours in advance. The department reserves the right to deny vacation leave at certain key times of the year, such as homecoming, graduation, or if granting the leave will result in extreme under-manning of a particular area. Sick leave documentation will be filled out upon return to work. Any individual that is out on sick leave for more than 48 hours must provide proof of illness with documentation from a visit to a doctor's office. Emergency leave will be granted on a case by case basis.

2.2.5 Performance Evaluations: Performance evaluations are provided to each employee on an annual basis. Criteria for evaluation are developed jointly by the supervisor and the employee. 

3.  SECTION THREE - Procedure #1: Funding for Facilities Services

3.1 Purpose: To describe and define the limits of services provided by the Facilities Management.

3.2 Policy Statement: Services provided by the Facilities areas are classified into two categories; Facilities Services and Departmental Services. The requesting department must fund a request for facilities service that does not fall under the definition of Facilities Services.

3.2.1 Facilities Services: Direct funding is provided for the Facilities Management for routine maintenance and operation of University facilities and grounds. The funding provided for the Facilities Management is intended to maintain University facilities in the condition in which the facilities were originally provided. Examples of Facilities Services include:

  1. Maintenance services to structures and equipment, which have been, accepted as permanent parts of the academic campus.
  2. Maintenance of walks, street, and grounds.
  3. Operation and maintenance of utilities.
  4. Custodial services.

Areas not budgeted for Facilities services include:

  • Infirmary - Student Housing
  • Student Union - Bookstore
  • Food services - Athletics
  • Federal Grants - Other self supporting operations

3.2.2 Departmental Services: These are services for which Facilities Management does not receive a budget allocation and which must be paid for by the requesting department. Examples of departmental services include:

  1. Minor alterations to buildings or structures assigned to a department or activity. (construction of partition walls, installation of light fixtures, construction of counters).
  2. Addition of special equipment such as laboratory equipment, Venetian blinds, special lighting, etc.
  3. Repair work to office furniture in departmental office.
  4. Painting at a time other than that specified in the regular maintenance painting cycle.
  5. Replacement of keys, re-keying of locks for purposes other than maintenance.

Any changes or services required or desired for University buildings which are not routine maintenance and operation of the building, must be funded by the department requesting the change or service.

Facilities departmental services are provided on the basis of actual cost charges only. Services performed as departmental services are invoiced on a monthly basis using the intra-campus auxiliary billing system. 

4. Procedure 2 - Requests for Facilities Services

5. Procedure 3 - Key and Lock Service

6. Procedure 4 - Reservation Procedures for Motor Fleet Vehicles

7. Procedure 5 - Special Events Setup

8. Procedure #6: Moving and Hauling Service

8.1 Purpose: To provide guidance regarding the request for moving and hauling services.

8.2 Scope: This procedure pertains to all requesting departments. Moving and Hauling Service is provided for the movement of furniture, equipment and other items within and between campus facilities.

8.3 Procedure: All requests for moving or hauling furniture and other items must be initiated by a Work Order Request.  This service is provided as a regular maintenance and at no charge to academic departments.  All non-academic departments will be charged for moving and hauling at a rate of $25 per hour with a one hour minimum charge.

8.3.1  Surplus Property:  If the request pertains to the hauling away of surplus equipment or furniture, the requestor must obtain the serial number of the equipment and the signature of the Surplus Property Officer, Mr. Moses Lyons, prior to submission of the Work Order Request Form.  A move of surplus property will not be performed without this documentation.

8.3.2  Scheduling of Moves:  Members of the Roads and Grounds Department perform moving and hauling services when time permits.  The same crew that performs moving and hauling also performs event set up services, and event set-ups always take priority over moving of furniture or equipment.  Every effort shall be made to schedule and perform this work in a timely fashion.

8.3.3  Limits of Service:  The Facilities Management Department does not provide delivery service for either the Print Shop or the Central Warehouse.   Contact each of these departments for the delivery of products.  The Department does not run errands or make off campus deliveries of mail or other items.

9. Procedure #7: Facilities Construction, Renovation and Repair

9.1 Purpose: To provide an overview of the construction and renovation process and to provide direction on the procedure to request facilities renovations.

9.2 Scope: This procedure pertains to all requesting departments.

9.3 Policy: The Department of Physical Plant is responsible for the planning and coordination of all new major construction and renovations activity. The general standard used in planning renovations is that they must be accomplished in a manner that will minimize the overall impact on the existing facility as originally designed. Funding for construction falls into two major categories:

9.3.1 Repairs and Renovations: Construction work limited to existing facilities. No single project can exceed $500,000.

9.3.2 Capital Projects: Construction of new facilities or major renovations to existing facilities over $500,000.

9.4 Requests for Facilities Renovation: A request for renovations or alterations is made by submitting a memorandum through normal organizational channels and shall require the approval of the department chairperson, dean and vice chancellor, or their administrative equivalents. This memorandum shall include the following information:

  1. Justification statement to support the need for requested renovation.
  2. Description of the requested renovation.
  3. Source of funds for accomplishing the changes.

Upon review and approval by the appropriate vice chancellor, the request shall then be forwarded to the Vice Chancellor of Business and Finance who will take the matter under consideration. The following principles shall apply to such matters:

  1. Alterations required by a department to accommodate change or expansion of its program are the responsibility of the requesting department. In such cases, the requesting department must provide an account for which the renovations are to be charged.
  2. Alterations and renovations of an existing facility required to maintain it in suitable operating condition are the responsibility of the maintenance and operations function of the University. Such requests shall be performed based upon overall merit and the availability of existing Repair and Renovations funding.

9.4 Capitol Projects: New Building Design, Construction and Acceptance: The design and construction of new facilities will be governed by the Campus Master Plan, which is currently in the process of being performed. This plan will encompass the growth and development of the campus from 1998 through the year 2010. The basic steps in building design and construction are as follows

  1. Request for Funding
  2. Selection of Designer
  3. Design Building
  4. Bidding for Construction Contracts
  5. Construction Contract Award
  6. Construction Administration
  7. Final Inspections
  8. Final Acceptance

9.4.1 Final Acceptance Inspection: When the final acceptance inspection by the Office of State construction through the Director of Physical Plant indicates that the building is accepted, the Department of Physical Plant receives the keys furnished by the contractor in person or by registered mail. A master file for the keys is made in the Lock Shop, and then keys are furnished to the user personnel.

9.4.2 Facility Deficiencies: Report all facilities deficiencies to the department of Physical Plant. Warranty related work shall be directed to the responsible contractor for performance. Items not covered under warranty are normal wear and tear, and property that has been damaged through negligence or misuse.

A Constituent Institution of The University of North Carolina