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Vehicle Request

6. Procedure #4: Reservation Procedures for Motor Fleet Vehicles

6.1 Purpose: To provide a procedure for the reservation and use of Motor Fleet Vehicles.

6.2 Policy: State (Motor Fleet) vehicles will be reserved on a first come/first served basis only. Reservations are to be made utilizing the standard university travel authorization form. It is recommended that vehicle reservations should be made as far in advance as possible. Vehicles will be issued upon receipt of the travel request form that contains all the required signatures and budget codes. The Office of Facilities Management will not reserve vehicles by the telephone. It is the responsibility of the individual requesting use of vehicle to check on the status of his or her request. If a state vehicle is not available, the travel request will be stamped "State Vehicle Not Available" and returned to affected department. The individual should then contact the Business Office where a determination will be made to either rent the individual a vehicle or allow the individual to use their privately owned vehicle with proper reimbursement for mileage. 

6.2.1 Use of State Vehicles: State owned vehicles shall be used for official state business only. It shall be unlawful for any state employee or any other person to use a state owned vehicle for any private purpose whatsoever.

6.2.2 Meals and Entertainment: When an employee is required to use a state owned vehicle for travel while away from his work station, the vehicle may be used for travel to obtain meals, but not for entertainment or any personal purpose.

6.2.3 Use by Immediate Family: Spouses and children are permitted to accompany state employees on trips in state owned vehicles when sufficient space is available and when travel is strictly for official state business. However, spouses and adult children are not allowed to drive a state vehicle. 

6.3 Emergency Travel: If travel is due to an emergency, the travel request and accompanying papers must be walked through the appropriate dean/department heads office, the business office to the Physical Plant. If no vehicles are available, and the individual cannot use his/her privately owned vehicle, then arrangements will be made through the Purchasing Department to rent a suitable vehicle.

6.4 Early Morning or Weekend Departure: Vehicles required for early morning or weekend departures or any other time other than regular dispatching hours, may be picked up between 4:30 and 5:00 p.m. on the preceding day. An employee may drive a state vehicle to their home under such circumstances.

6.5 Security: Vehicle security is the responsibility of the driver. All doors are to be locked when the vehicle is not occupied.

6.6 Personal Property: Personal property left in Motor Fleet Vehicles will be retained in the Physical Plant office for a period of two weeks. At the end of two weeks, appropriate disposition will be made.

6.7 Penalties for Misuse: Motor Pool privileges will be withdrawn for a period of one year for any individual found guilty of misuse of a state-owned vehicle.

6.8 Returning Vehicles: Vehicles are returned to the Physical Plant at the end of a trip. During regular hours, the driver should return the vehicle keys to the Physical Plant Office. During other than regular hours, the driver should deposit vehicle keys through the window slot next to the main entrance doors.

6.9 Vehicle Use Fees:

State Vehicles are owned and operated by the university.

The rate for state-owned vehicles are as follows: 

  • Passenger cars 0.39 cents per mile (minimum 40 miles).  This includes costs of operating the vehicle (gas and oil).
  • Mini-Vans 0.44 per mile (minimum 40 miles).  This includes costs of operating the vehicle (gas and oil).
  • 15 passenger vans are .53 per mile.
  • Mini-Bus (CDL license with P-Endorsement is required)
    Mini-bus will seat 16 passengers.  Driver's are available upon request.
  • Rates are as follows:
    • Without Driver for 1-4 hours - flat fee of $65.00
    • Over 4 hours flat fee of $125.00 per day and $ 1.00 per mile, after 100 miles 
    • With Driver for 1-4 hours - Flat fee of $125.00 
    • Over 4 hours Flat fee of $225 per day and $1.50 per mile, after 100 miles
  • Bus
    Bus will seat 29 passengers.  Facilities Management assigns drivers for use of bus.  The rate for use of Facilities Management bus is the same as the mini-bus with driver.

General Information

Legislation requires that drivers of vehicles designed to carry 16 or more passengers must have a Class B Operators' license (Chauffeur's License).  Legislation requires that an agency assigned motor vehicle driver must display to allow the agency to copy that persons valid driver's license.

Fayetteville State University requires that all persons traveling in either a state or a private vehicle, while engaged in University approved activities, shall use available seat belts.  This requirement applies to both the driver and to all passengers in the vehicles.

Private Cars

State employees on state business may use their private cars for their personal convenience with prior approval by the Vice-Chancellor for Business and Finance.  Reimbursement may not be made for commuting between the employees home and his duty station.

Reimbursement for mileage and parking charges resulting from the use of an employees private car for transportation to and from airport terminals may be made on the basis of one round trip limousine fare between the employees duty station and the nearest terminal.  In cases where limousine service is not available, reimbursement is thirty-one (.31) cents per mile for a maximum of two round trips with no parking charge or for one trip between the duty station and the terminal.  Parking receipts are required.

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