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Orientation for New Students and Employees...

Welcome to FSU!  Find out what you can do daily to protect and preserve our environment. 

Conserve Energy and Water...

Help FSU conserve our energy and water resources by doing your part, see our annual Strategic Energy & Water Plan. Tip #1- turn off lights and computers when leaving. 

Turn Off Your Engine...
Turn Off Your Engine
Unnecessary idling wastes fuel, money and pollutes the air!


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POLI 110 (3-3-0) Introduction to Sustainability: Introduces students to principles, theory, and practices of sustainability. It includes discussions on the interrelatedness of the economy, social system, and environment; maintaining healthy ecosystems; creating an ecological economy; ensuring environmental justice; managing democracy and ecological rationality; determining the roles of ethical and civic responsibilities in policymaking and sustainable management; and examines the importance of participation and civic engagement in civic issues related to sustainability.  


PHIL 250 (3-3-0) Environmental Ethics: Introduces students to philosophical ethics through an engagement with environmental issues. It focuses on a variety of environmental issues including, but not limited to, endangered and invasive species, pollution, sustainability, population growth, biodiversity loss, non-human welfare, and global climate change. Students will learn basic concepts in ecology and key theoretical frameworks in ethics. The course will strengthen the student's ability to critically analyze the philosophical complexities germane to topics in environmental philosophy including: ecological thinking, sustainability, global environmental challenges, obligations to future generations, and environmental justice. 

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