SHRA Grievance Process

The SHRA Grievance process goal is to ensure that all employees have a fair and equitable means to address workplace disputes arising out of employment regardless of where they work.

The Employee Grievance Policy was written and approved by the State Human Resources Commission. The policy seeks to achieve the following objectives:

-Provide procedural consistency across all NC State agencies and universities;
-Ensure employees have access to grievance procedures to address grievable issues timely, fairly, and without fear of reprisal and
-Resolve workplace issues efficiently and effectively.

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Grievance Policy

The Employee Grievance Policy may be assessed at the Office of State Human Resources website.

SHRA Employee Grievance Policy Summary

  • Goals of the Employee Grievance Policy
  • Notable Changes and Enhancements

Employee Grievance Process: Overview and Timeframes

  • Informal Grievance Process
  • Formal Grievance Process

SHRA Grievance Initial Filing Form