Temporary and Student Employment

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Hiring temporary personnel can be accomplished through Employment Services with Fayetteville State University's Human Resources Department. These opportunities are frequently advertised on our Employment Opportunities site.

Temporary and Student FAQ's

2021 Temporary and Student Employee Onboarding Hours

1.Why would I hire a student and/or temporary employee for my department?
Fayetteville State University recognizes that departments have occasional needs for temporary personnel. Accordingly, departments may hire student (non-work study) and temporary employees to:

Substitute for regular employees on extended medical or family leave
Handle new or special programs, or excessive workload(s), on a short-term basis

2. When is a student and/or temporary employee allowed to begin work?
Students (non-work study) and temporary employees must not start work unless they have signed a temporary appointment letter with Human Resources. It is ILLEGAL for employees to start work without having their employment eligibility verified; and the university would be subject to fines. Employees must complete the I-9 Form with HR prior to starting work.

3. What is the 2021 Student/Temporary New Employee Orientation Schedule?

The Student/Temporary New Employee Orientations follow the same schedule as the permanent employees.

4. How many hours per week are students and temporary employees allowed to work?
All student (non-work study, 21350 - FOAP Account) employees must not work over 20 hours per week. They may work two different places, but the total hours may not exceed 20 hours. A hiring proposal must be submitted in PeopleAdmin for each position. All temporary (non-student) employees may work up to 40 hours. However, working more than 29 hours per week may result in benefits eligibility.Temporary and student employees are not eligible to work on an "Additional Compensation" (Extra Duty) contract.

5. What is a "Break in Service" for temporary employees?
All temporary employees must take a 31-Day break-in-service after 11 months of continuous employment (this is 31 consecutive unpaid calendar days).

Please note:
Employees do not have to wait for the end of the 11 months to take their break
End date must be reflected on the hiring proposals
The new hiring proposal will have their return date as their start date

6. Are students and temporary employees required to submit timesheets?
Student (non-work study) and temporary employees must submit a timesheet based on FSU's time entry procedures and deadlines (not applicable for monthly/flat rate/one-time payments). All flat-rate employees will be paid the entire amount for the month, regardless of their start date of that month.