Professional Development

At Fayetteville State University, we strive to promote and support employee development by providing quality professional training workshops and programs to enhance the university's operations and support the core mission of our institution.

Solomon Harrington of Facilities is presenting at the Franklin Covey 7 Habits for Managers training workshop in the Science and Technology Building.

Business Practices

Budgets and Financial Reports
Business Acumen
Business Etiquette
Business Succession Planning
Business Writing
Collaborative Business Writing
Knowledge Management
Lean Process and Six Sigma
Proposal Writing

Communication Skills

Body Language Basics
Communication Strategies
Communicating Up- How to Talk to High-Level Management
Crucial Conversations
Effective Communication for Employees
Effective Communication for Supervisors
Emotional Intelligence
Hazard Communication
Hazard Communication - GHS and Your Right to Know
Interpersonal Skills
Media and Public Relations
Negotiation Skills
Networking Within the Company
Personal Branding
Social Intelligence
Social Learning
Social Media in the Workplace

Customer Service Skills

Customer Service
Customer Service Skills- How We Can All Improve


Diversity for All Employees
Diversity- Legal Basics for Supervisors
Diversity on Campus
Generational Diversity
Generation Gaps
Workplace Diversity
Workplace Diversity for Employees
Workplace Diversity for Supervisors

Employee Relations

Civility in the Workplace
Conflict Resolution
Conflict Resolution and Consensus Building
Creative Problem Solving
Reducing Turnover and Increasing Retention


Saving Energy at Work and Beyond
The Paperless Office - Conservation for Employees
Water Conservation - Making Every Drop Count

Ethical Behavior

Business Ethics
Codes of Ethical Conduct for Higher Education
Workplace Ethics for Supervisors

Health, Safety, and Wellness

Avoiding Back Injuries
Back Safety
Basic First Aid for Medical Emergencies
Data Security on Campus
Disaster Planning--What Employees Need to Know
Disaster Planning--What Supervisors Need to Know
Emergency Action and Fire Prevention
Exit Routes-Supervisors
Fire Extinguishers
Health and Wellness at Work
How to Prevent and Respond to Bullying at Work
Managing Workplace Anxiety
Office Ergonomics
Office Hazards
Office Hazards- What Supervisors Need to Know
Pandemic Flu--How to Prevent and Respond
Preventing Bullying and Hazing on Campus
Preventing Discrimination on Campus
Preventing Sexual Harassment-A Guide for Employees
Preventing Sexual Harassment-A Guide for Supervisors
Preventing Sexual Harassment on Campus
Preventing Slips, Trips, and Falls for Employees
Preventing Violence on Campus
Preventing Workplace Violence--What Employees Need to Know
Risk Assessment and Management
Safety in the Workplace
Sexual Harassment - What Employees Need to Know
Sexual Harassment - What Supervisors Need to Know
Stress Management
Substance Abuse in the Workplace--What Employees Need to Know
Substance Abuse in the Workplace--What Supervisors Need to Know
Violence in the Workplace - How to Prevent and Defuse for Supervisors
Work-Life Balance
Workplace Harassment
Workplace Harassment -- What Employees Need to Know
Workplace Harassment--What Supervisors Need to Know
Workplace Privacy--What Supervisors Need to Know
Workplace Safety for Employees
Workplace Security for Employees
Workplace Violence

Management, Supervisory, and Leadership Development

6 Managerial Styles Needed
10 Soft Skills you Need
Attention Management
Attendance Management - What Supervisors Need to Know
Being a Likable Boss
Change Management
Coaching and Mentoring
Dealing with Change for Supervisors
Delivering Constructive Criticism
Effective Meetings--How to for Supervisors
Employee Recruitment
Encouraging Employee Input
Grievance Policy Training
Grounds for Termination--What Managers and Supervisors Need to Know
Handling Employee Complaints
How to Manage Challenging Employees
How to Manage Military Leave
Human Resource Management
Interviewing Skills for Supervisors
Job Descriptions--How to Write Them Effectively
Leadership and Influence
Leadership Skills - What New Supervisors and Managers Need to Know
Leave Reporting for SPA Exempt and EPA Employees
Leave Reporting for SPA Non-Exempt Employees
Manager Management
MBTI- Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
Meeting Management
Middle Manager
Motivating Employees--Tips and Tactics for Supervisors
Negotiation Skills for Supervisors
NEO: Time and Leave Administration Training
Office Politics for Managers
PeopleAdmin7- Basics
Planning and Organizing Skills for Supervisors
Problem Solving for Supervisors
Process Mapping
Professional Behavior- What Supervisors Need to Know
Progressive Discipline
Project Management
Strength Finders 2.0
Supervising Special Groups
Supervising Student Workers
Terminating Employees- The Process
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Managers
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
Training the Trainer - Effective Techniques for Dynamic Training
Workers' Compensation--What Supervisors Need to Know
Supervising Others
Targeted Selection
Workers' Compensations for Supervisors

Presentation Skills

Creating a Great Webinar
Developing a Lunch and Learn
Event Planning
Facilitation Skills
Measuring Results from Training
Presentation Skills
Public Speaking

Team Building

Teambuilding for All Employees
Teambuilding for All Supervisors
Team Building for Managers
Teamwork and Team Building
The 7 Habits of Effective People

Time Management

Critical Thinking
Developing Creativity
Goal Setting and Getting Things Done
How to Manage Time Wisely - A Guide for Employees
Organizational Skills
Time Management Skills for Employees
Time Management for Supervisors