General Banner 9 Native Video Tutorials

Ellucian Banner 9 native video tutorials.

This page houses various free generic Ellucian Banner video tutorials for faculty and staff. New faculty or staff should review these tutorials. Afterwards, the department can setup training on specific forms based on the security template for the department or individual.

Ellucian Banner 9 Native Training Video Tutorials

Overview of Banner 9 user interfaces and keyboard shortcuts
Getting Started with Banner 9

How to access and maneuver through Banner 9 with accessing pages and shortcuts
Ellucian Banner: Navigating the Banner Landing Page and Keyboard Shortcuts

How to set up quick flows for forms to help you streamline multipage processes
Creating Banner Quick Flows

How to perform searches and filter data on forms.
Ellucian Banner: Searching for and Filtering Data


How to Request Banner Access
For new employees who require access to Banner 9, please complete the Banner Access Request form.
Once the form is complete, it is automatically submtted to ITS and then to the Registrar for approval.
Once you receive the approval, ITS will contact the individual with pertinent infomation.
After contact, you should be ready for Banner 9 access.