Title IX Campus Climate Surveys

Because we will not be satisfied until Prohobited Sexual Conduct stops occurring in our community, we continue to strive for improved or new approaches to affecting a culture change.

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Students, our Spring 2021 Campus Climate Survey is now open. Please invest a few minutes and complete the survey today: 


The issues of Prohibited Sexual Conduct on college campuses has rightfully been the subject of national dialogue in recent years, and we have been working hard to address the issue here at Fayetteville State University. Our ongoing mission is to maintain a campus environment that prioritizes the safety and well-being of all campus community members.

One tool we use to identify student attitudes and experiences related to sexual violence, abuse, harassment, and discrimination are surveys. The survey, called a Campus Climate Survey are conducted to identify areas in which we can and should do better and help us prevent all forms of these prohibited incidents on our campus.  These surveys measure the prevalence of sexual violence, abuse, harassment, and discrimination on our campus and gauge our students' attitudes and behaviors so we can become better equipped to address incidents. (*Employees are surveyed through Human Resources.)


If you have suggestions about how Fayetteville State University can reduce Prohibited Sexual Conduct on campus, please call 910-672-2325, visit Barber Building 242, email the Title IX  Office, or share it here.

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Fall 2019 Campus Climate Survey Results
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What is the purpose of this survey?

The purpose of the Campus Climate Survey is to understand the scope and nature of sexual violence at Fayetteville State University, including student attitudes about and behaviors toward all forms of sexual violence, abuse, harassment, and discrimination and students' knowledge of sexual misconduct policies and reporting procedures. This information is critical to tailoring sexual violence prevention education programming and to improving the campus response to incidents.

The results will be used to guide University policies to encourage a healthy, safe and nondiscriminatory environment on campus. This survey is an important tool for our University to assess current programs and to shape future policies. Our goal is to develop programs and services that minimize sexual violence, abuse, harassment, and discrimination, as well as respond to these events when they do occur.

Why does the survey ask about these sensitive topics?

In order to understand the climate at Fayetteville State University, the survey needs to ask direct questions about topics that some may find sensitive. It is only by directly collecting this information from you that your school will be able to help prevent negative experiences and effectively respond when they do happen. Some of the language used in the survey is explicit and some people may find it uncomfortable, but it is important that we ask the questions in this way so that you are clear what we mean.  

Information on how to get help, if you need it, appears on the bottom of each page and at the end of the survey.

I’ve never experienced Prohibited Sexual Conduct, so why should I take part?

If only victims of Prohibited Sexual Conduct participate in the survey, we will have a very lopsided view of our campus community.  To get a complete picture of Fayetteville State University, we need to hear from as many students as possible.  

What kinds of questions are in the survey?

This survey includes sections that ask about your knowledge and beliefs about social situations, perceptions related to sexual violence, abuse, harassment, and discrimination at Fayetteville State University and your knowledge of resources available at Fayetteville State University. The survey also asks about your personal experience with sexual sexual violence, abuse, harassment, and discrimination. 

How long will the survey take?

This survey should take most people approximately 10 minutes to complete.  It may take up to 15 minutes for some individuals depending on their responses.   

Am I required to participate in the survey?

No. You do not have to participate in this survey. If you do choose to participate, you may skip any question you are not comfortable answering and may exit the survey at any time.

What will happen if I don’t participate?

There are no consequences if you choose not to participate in the survey. Information on who completed the survey (and who did not) will not be captured.

However, if you choose not to participate, your perspective and experiences might not be reflected in the survey results.

Why are you asking me about my race and ethnicity? Do I have to answer?

We are asking these questions so that we can describe the sample of students who completed the survey, and also so that we can describe how climate and actual experiences differ by race and ethnicity. This will help the University target resources to those that need it the most. You do not have to answer any question on the survey if you do not want to.

Do I have to answer all of the questions?

No. You do not have to answer all of the questions on the survey if you do not want to. Even if you choose not to answer every question, we encourage you to go through all of the items in the survey and click "submit" at the end of the survey so that the responses you do provide can be recorded.

If I skip a question can I go back to it later?

Yes. You can navigate through the survey items using the "previous" and "next" buttons on the survey pages.

Are my responses anonymous? What about my personal identifying information?

The survey will not ask you to provide any identifying information and your responses are anonymous.  In the event of any publication or presentation of the survey results, no personally identifiable information will be shared. Survey responses will be reported in terms of groups of students rather than as individual cases.

Where can I see the results of Fayetteville State University Title IX Campus Climate Surveys?

The Title IX Office, as part of its ongoing efforts to combat sexual violence, abuse, harassment, and discrimination in our campus community, will release its Report and Tables. The Title IX Office is committed to using this survey as a tool to provide information that will be useful in developing and continuing to improve programs to address safety issues on campus.

All previous Title IX  Campus Climate Surveys reports will uploaded to this page by June 1, 2021.

What will Fayetteville State University do with the results?

 The results will be used to better understand the climate at Fayetteville State University, the extent of sexual harassment and misconduct among students and the use of programs and services currently being offered.  This information will be used to make recommendations for changes to the policies and procedures related to preventing and handling sexual harassement and misconduct at FSU.