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About Us

All students are part of the University College until they are admitted to a major degree program in the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Business and Economics, or the School of Education. As a part of University College, the Freshman Center provides assistance to students who enter the university as first-time freshmen from the time they are admitted through their first year and they are accepted into a major degree program. The Freshman Center seeks to provide an academic environment that will enable and motivate students of varied background to achieve academic success.

The goals of the Freshman Center are to assist all students in their transition to the university; to provide effective advisement to first-year students; to ensure that first-year students make use of the strong programs of academic support in writing, mathematics, critical thinking, and the natural sciences offered by the university; to work with other academic units to ensure that students develop the fundamental skills and knowledge necessary for success in all academic majors; and to provide programs that enrich the educational experience of first-year students.

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