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Freshman Interest Groups Catalog

Freshman Interest Groups Catalog

Welcome to the Fall 2017 Freshman Interest Groups Catalog! Here is a list of the current FIGs with a short description and a document for each FIG that provides the pre-registered course list and list of courses availble to complete your schedule at First Steps.  All students will be pre-registered for courses in the FIG that best fits their intended major/ interest and placement indicators.  Students should look at their pre-registered schedules before arriving at First Steps.  Click on any of the following to learn more:

Note: These schedules are subject to change.  Your actual schedule may differ from the drafts below due to changes in course availability.


This FIG is for students participating in one of the intercollegiate sports programs.  In addition to accommodating the practice schedules of student-athletes, this FIG addresses issues specific to their needs, such as time management, adjusting to college sports, etc. 

Athletes Schedule 1 Fall 2017
Athletes Schedule 2 Fall 2017
Athletes Schedule 3 Fall 2017

Bronco Men

The Bronco Men Initiative is a program designed to increase the academic success of all males, promote responsibility, active learning, and peer support, and steer male students to reaching and achieving goals and careers.  Two semesters; opportunity for residential component.

 Bronco Men Schedule Fall 2017

Bronco Women

The Bronco Women Initiative is a program designed to explore experiences of all females to improve their success by integrating social and academic activities, formally and informally. The Bronco Women Initiative emphasizes positive self-images and encourage social networking. Students will engage in practical problem solving and the function of power on an individual and or group setting. Students will learn to articulate their own social identities. Two semesters; opportunity for residential component.

Bronco Women Schedule Fall 2017


Business focuses on business decision-making for students interested in Business majors. Additionally, students will be provided with unique opportunities to expand their business knowledge and skill set while offering ongoing special opportunities to network with School of Business. Two semesters.

Business 1 Schedule Fall 2017
Business 2 Schedule Fall 2017 (closed)
Business 3 Schedule Fall 2017

Communication & Languages

The Communication & Languages learning community focuses on for students interested in majoring in Communication, English Language & Literature (with and without a 9-12 Teaching Licensure), and Spanish (with and without a K-12 Teaching Licensure).  Students will  be provided with opportunities to connect with opportunities on campus connected to Communications and Languages. Two semesters.

Communication & Languages Schedule Fall 2017


Education is designed to meet the needs of intended education majors: Birth through Kindergarten (teaching and non-teaching), Elementary Education (concentrations in: Biology, Core Academic Studies, English, TESL, Health, History, Mathematics, Political Science, Psychology, Reading, Sociology, Spanish, Special Education), Health and Physical Education, and Middle School Grades (concentrations in: Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies). Students learn topics and issues, and they will be able to begin a collection of topics that will form the basis for the development of their future lessons. Two semesters.

Education Schedule Fall 2017

Fine Arts

Fine Arts introduces students to topics and involvement in the Fine Arts and beginning the basis for the development of future Fine Arts lessons. Two semesters.

Fine Arts-Music Schedule Fall 2017
Fine Arts-Theatre Schedule Fall 2017
Fine Arts-Visual Arts Schedule Fall 2017

Health Professions

Health Professions will examine advising, major, and career issues of interest to pre-nursing students.  It prepares students to make realistic goals about becoming a nursing major. Two semesters.

Health Professions 1 Schedule Fall 2017
Health Professions 2 Schedule Fall 2017
Health Professions 3 Schedule Fall 2017 (closed) 
Health Professions 4 Schedule Fall 2017

Social Science Professions

Social Science Professions is for students interested in majoring in one of the social sciences: Criminal Justice, Geography, History, Intelligence Studies, Political Science, Psychology, Social Work, Sociology.  These majors prepare students for service in a variety of professions, from law to counseling to the military. These  fields truly represent the very best cutting-edge arenas and transform the lives of many people. Two semesters.

Social Science Professions 1 Schedule Fall 2017 (closed)
Social Science Professions 2 Schedule Fall 2017
Social Science Professions 3 Schedule Fall 2017


STEM is designed to show how integrated the STEM disciplines are for students interested in majoring in Biology (General Biology, Pre-Medical, Pre-Dental, Pre-Pharmacy, and Pre-Veterinary), Chemistry, Computer Science, Forensic Science (concentrations in Biology and Chemistry), Mathematics, Pre-Engineering (3+2: Chemical Engineering-Chemistry, Computer Engineering-Computer Science, Electrical Engineering-Computer Science, and Civil Engineering-Mathematics).  Students will expereince hands-on applications and inquiry-based learning.  Two semesters.

STEM 1 Schedule Fall 2017
STEM 2 Schedule Fall 2017
STEM 3 Schedule Fall 2017 (closed)
STEM 4 Schedule Fall 2017

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