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First Steps with the University - Placement Testing

Part of the advisement and registration process includes placing you in classes that match your preparation.  This is especially true in math, a subject that college students find challenging.  For math, your success will depend in part on which math classes you took in high school and how well you did in them.  

We use at least two different kinds of placement criteria so that your placement does not depend on just one number.  Your SAT score and high school GPA are two of the placement criteria we use.  For a complete list of the placement criteria we use and what they mean, please visit the following sites:

You will notice that one of the criteria is the "Profile" score.  That refers to the Accuplacer placement test, which was developed by CollegeBoard, the same people who developed the SAT.  Like the SAT, the Accuplacer is a multiple-choice test.  However, the Accuplacer is different.

The Accuplacer website has information about the test and sample questions. We use the Elementary Algebra placement test. (Students hoping to take calculus will take the College Level Math test as well). Please take some time before First Steps to review this material.  The more familiar you are with the test, the better you are likely to do, and the more likely your college classes will be right for you.

No one likes tests!  However, placement tests are designed to help you get the most out of the courses you take. So take the time to do your best.

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