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Other Mail Services

Priority Mail

All First class mail that weighs more than 11 ounces and not more than 70 pounds, and at the option of the mailer, any other mailable material weighing 13 ounces or less is considered Priority Mail.

Priority Mail can be sent to all fifty states and Puerto Rico. This service has a two-day delivery objective (not guaranteed) to large metropolitan areas within the United States.

Priority Mail envelopes and labels must be used when using this service.

Express Mail

This is an extremely reliable and fast delivery service available from the U.S. Postal Service. This service is available for all major zones in the US and 84 countries.

Express mail is picked up from FSU MAIL CENTER by the Postal Service. In order to meet the deadlines, express mail should be received no later than 3:00 PM for Next Day Service.

Express mail labels (which must accompany the shipment) and large express envelopes can be obtained in advance by calling FSU MAIL CENTER.

It is the responsibility of the sending department to complete the "ship to" and "from" address blocks located on the bottom portion of the express label. After completion, you may place in your department's outbound mail, or take it to the FSU MAIL CENTER. The U.S. Post Office will send a copy of the express label back to the originating department. Be sure to remove the patch (Express Mail ID Number) from the back page. This is your means for tracking your mail.

Insured Mail

Insurance up to $500.00 can be obtained for materials that are sent within the United States, 1st class, 3rd class and parcel post. If you are sending items that are valued at more than $500.00, you should use registered mail; insurance is available up to $25,000.00.

Certified Mail

Certified mail should be used when proof of mailing is required. This service is available only when sending an item 1st class within the United States. Examples of use include sending legal papers, diplomas or materials that are deemed important, but have no intrinsic value in and of them.

A return receipt indicating the date of delivery and signature can be requested for an additional fee. A receipt of the mailing, which is detached from the label and has the official postal postmark, is your record of the mailing and should be retained by the sender. Labels and Return Receipts can be obtained from the FSU MAIL CENTER.

Registered Mail

Registered mail service is available with, or without postal insurance. Items without provable value do not require insurance. The registered mail system is designed to provide added protection for valuable mail. Postage insurance may be purchased to cover articles valued up to $25,000.00. Registered mail is the highest security mail the U.S. Postal Service offers. It incorporates a system of receipts to monitor registered articles from the point of acceptance to delivery. Return receipt and restricted delivery services are available for additional fees. Added security measures may, however, delay the delivery by 24 - 48 hours.

Return Receipts

A return receipt offers proof of delivery. This is an optional service and is available for insured, certified registered and domestic express mail shipments. The return receipt identifies the article number of the mailing, the person who signed the receipt for the letter, and the date of delivery to the addressee. It is not necessary to use return receipts with all certified or registered mailings. Be sure to identify your department on the address portion of the return receipts so that we can route them back to you.


Business reply mail is a service by which correctly formatted mail can be forwarded back to the original sender, free of cost to the party responding. All fees are assessed to the permit holder for actual mail received, and thereafter internally charged to the initiating department. Business Reply Mail should be used for mailings over 500 pieces in a single mailing or over a year.

For example, if you sent out 1,000 stamped envelopes and 500 are returned, you have paid postage on 1,000 pieces. Whereas, if you sent the mailing out as Business Reply Mail, you pay for only the pieces that are mailed back to the sender.

Various postal fees have been paid in order for the University to gain maximum discounts if the business reply envelope or postcard format is correctly prepared. A correct format includes a valid nine digit ZIP, FIM markings and bar code reflecting the ZIP, as well as an acceptable address and placement of the address. In order to verify that you are using a valid number as well as following the other requirements it is necessary that you review them with the FSU MAIL CENTER before presenting your order to the printer.

Failure to follow these guidelines could result in penalty fees from the Post Office.


Postage due mail is handled and accepted by the FSU MAIL CENTER for all University departments and bonafide student and faculty organizations.

A University prepaid account is registered with the Post Office to facilitate charges for inbound mail that either lacks the proper amount of postage, or mail that has been requested for return. When doing a large mailing (over 200 pieces), ensure your mailing list is current; otherwise postage has been paid for undeliverable mail and a postage fee has been paid for returned mail.


Standard mail describes a service that has no promised delivery standards, but is usually delivered within a week to two weeks within the continental United States, and usually not more than five (5) days within a radius of 500 hundred miles.

The University has a permit with the Main Post Office (Green Street Branch) for the preparation of bulk mailings. This provides the University with the ability to process large mailings at a cost of about 1/3 that of 1st class mailing. University departments as well as bonafide student, or faculty organizations can use the permit. You cannot use the bulk permit for international mailings.

All forms and mailing materials needed for bulk mailing preparation should be obtained from the Main Post Office. Individuals not familiar with bulk mail preparation should sign up for training classes conducted by United States Postal Service Personnel. (Please contact the FSU MAIL CENTER, or the Main Post Office for scheduling and sign up for classes).

In order to take advantage of aforementioned savings, the following is required by the Main Post Office:

  • Minimum 200 pieces
  • All pieces must be the same size and weight
  • Pieces must be less than 16 oz.
  • Must be SEALED - cannot use staples to seal
  • The return address must state on the top line the permit holder's name, "FAYETTEVILLE STATE UNIVERSITY"
  • Must have indicia (permit number included) in the upper right hand corner of the envelope in place of postage, per example:
    Non-Profit Organization
    U.S. Postage Paid
    Permit No. 123
    Fayetteville, North Carolina 28301

An authorization form MUST be obtained from the Main Post Office before you mail under the University Permit Number. The Main Post Office Bulk Mail Acceptance Unit will not accept your mailing without the form.

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