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Purchasing of Printing Services

A. Placement of Printing Requirements: On-Campus or Commercial

All units must have their printing and duplicating services requirements coordinated by the FSU Print Shop to determine whether the requirement can be satisfied using the university's resources. In addition to specific printing capabilities, the university's Print Shop provides many printing and binding services such as collating, perforating, stapling, hole punching, and padding.

Printing needs should be discussed and scheduled far enough in advance of the due date to ensure sufficient time to complete the job. Sufficient lead time to complete the purchasing process, initial proof approvals, and any revisions is essential particularly considering that the printing production time frames for local commercial vendor printing and for purchases placed through State Purchase and Contract may be unpredictable.

When campus departments anticipate using the FSU Print Shop to meet their printing needs, they are encouraged to establish an annual open purchase order.

The FSU Print Shop will coordinate when it is necessary to have work accomplished by a commercial printer. The Print Shop expertise in printing specifications and design is a major asset in accomplishing the best commercially printed publication. The FSU Print Shop will coordinate recommendations for award of requirements it solicits or will act as an agent of the campus department to the Purchasing Department. Following the solicitation process, the Print Shop and Purchasing Department will forward all proposals/bids to the respective campus customer for review and recommendation for award. The campus department's recommendation will form the basis for the issuance of a purchase order either upon receipt, if solicited by the Print Shop or Purchasing Department, or upon approval by the State Board of Award if solicited by the State Division of Purchase and Contract.

The State imposes the following requirement on printing and publications in addition to the "constraints" defined below:

Design work is considered to be a separate effort from printing for which competition must be solicited as applicable. Additionally, the designer of an item may not be considered as a source for its printing.

The Department of Correction Correctional Enterprise will be used when it is able to satisfy the requirement and the price is competitive.

B. Public Document Constraints

The term "public document" means any annual, biennial, regular or special report or publication of which at least 200 copies are printed, not to include intra-agency communications or correspondence.

C. Multicolor Process

 Expending State (or public) funds for a multicolor process (commonly interpreted as 4-color process printing) to print (to include the use of color photocopiers) a "public document" is prohibited unless the following standards are met:

In case of scientific illustrations when the illustrations would be unintelligible if published in black and white.

When the express approval of the State Division of Purchase and Contract is obtained.

Campus departments requiring the use of the multicolor process in a requirement under these definitions will document the need for the process in its requisition submittal. The actual printing of these requirements may be subject to the approval of the State, and campus departments should plan accordingly. University publications, which are directed at the recruitment and retention of students, are specific examples when this process is necessary and essential to the impact which the publication is expected to have on its audience.

Cost of Public Document

All printed public documents, other than those published with the explicit purpose for sale to the public or unless otherwise exempted for reason, will include the following statement in their final printed format:

"(number of) copies of this public document were printed at a cost of $____, or $____ per copy"

The term "cost" includes all printing costs associated with the labor, materials, design, etc., of the publication. Any public document without such a statement of cost will not be mailed nor distributed at public expense.


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