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Purchasing Practices

Purchases originate with the authorized submittal of a purchase order requisition and are consummated with the issuance of a purchase order by the Purchasing Department.

All purchases made by and in the name of the university over $1000.00 will be initiated by the completion of an online or paper requisition. The data are initiated by the requesting department and approved by the authorized manager of the funds in that department (project director, department chair, supervisor, etc.). After the appropriate approvals, a purchasing order is generated. The online requisition process thru banner or sci-quest is the university's preferred method of submitting a purchase order requisition as it substantially adds to the effectiveness and efficiency of overall purchasing practices on the campus. However, in certain instances, a manual requisition is submitted, signed by the requestor and all required authorizing parties prior to receipt by the Purchasing Department. After budget approval, Purchasing generates the purchase order.

No purchase or any action leading to the commitment of the university for amounts over $1,000, may be initiated without the submittal of a fully funded properly executed Request for Purchase form or an automated online requisition. Purchases under $1,000 will be made through accounts payable with a check request. All purchases, regardless of the amount, must follow state purchasing guidelines detailed in this policy. Failure to submit a proper request will only delay the purchasing process.

A purchase order is required for all purchases in the name of the university over $1,000. Soliciting without the evidence of the availability and intent to expend funds can adversely impact the university. Actions of this nature may be considered "frivolous bidding" and serve as basis for recovery of bidding and bid preparation costs. Unauthorized commitments made on behalf of the university will become a personal liability to the requestor.

University departments play an active role in contract administration and quality assurance of the university's purchases as these responsibilities are specifically delegated and are necessary for each individual purchase. Contract administration by the Purchasing Department is performed on a by-exception basis. The Purchasing Department, however, has the authority to alter any obligation legally created on behalf of the university as well as cause any termination action. Purchase orders are created primarily to reserve the funds, but are not necessary for the payment of a contract, any agreement with another state agency (including other universities and general administration), or any other legally binding agreement which has been appropriately executed.

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