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Student Agreement

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Veterans Affairs- Policies/Procedures for GI Bill Students

Please read the following information carefully, as these instructions outline what students must do each semester to ensure the timely administration of VA benefits

Student Responsibilities:

As a GI Bill receiving student, I am agreeing to the following:

    • I understand that I have attended or will attend the Mandatory Briefing in order to be certified for my classes.
    • I understand that I must either WAIVE my insurance, or provide a reason for not doing so. Otherwise it will be my responsibility to cover the amount stated in the Tuition Fee Schedule.
    • I understand that Veterans Affairs will not pay for courses
      • (a) for which I have already received transfer credit or
      • (b) are not required by my degree program.
    • It is my responsibility to contact the VA Certifying Official and my Department Advisor during Registration and any other time, to ensure that I do not duplicate any courses and register for only those courses applicable to my major.
    • I am to check with the VA Advisor every semester to give enrollment status and when any changes to my enrollment take place, e.g. dropping and adding classes, changing major, adding and dropping minors, withdrawing from a class, and withdrawing from the university.
    • Any changes to my degree program, may it be major, minor, concentration, or track, will be communicated to the VA Advisor to prevent any overpayment or indebtedness.
    • I understand that I am responsible for notifying the VA Advisor of any course(s) waivers, substitution approvals, withdrawals and non-attendance.
    • I must immediately report any questionable educational entitlements received to the VA Advisor. I WILL NOT ACCEPT PAYMENTS FROM THE VA IF NOT ENROLLED OR ATTENDING CLASSES. I will take the appropriate steps to ensure that the funds are returned to the VA.
    • I understand that all correspondence between myself and the Veterans Affairs Student Office will be done through my email address. This is the only address where my certification email will be sent.
    • I understand that I must turn in an enrollment worksheet (found on INSERT FSU VA WEBSITE HERE) for each semester that I wish to receive benefits. I realize that once I turn in this worksheet I am notifying the certifying official that I wish to be certified for the courses on my schedule at the time I submit my worksheet and any schedule changes made after that date could result in my owing money to VA, or an extended period of time for my certification to process.
    • I must notify the Certifying Official of any schedule changes at any point during the semester as soon as possible.
    • VA requires my attendance in class. If I fail to do so or receive any less than satisfactory grades, I may be required to pay VA back for those courses.
    • If I am suspended, I cannot receive GI Bill benefits at FSU or any other school until I have been reinstated.
    • As a Graduate student, I must have a completed Graduate Degree Plan of Study (Curriculum Guide) in my file after 1 semester or I cannot be certified for any further benefits. My Department Advisor can help me complete my Graduate Plan of Study (Curriculum Guide).
    • If I am receiving Chapter 30, 1606 or 1607 benefits, I must call VA monthly or log into WAVE and verify my enrollment on the first of each month in order for payment to be released.
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