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Department of Government and History

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Name Rank Program Office Phone E-Mail

Area Code (910) | Prefix 672-        | E-mail:

Adjuncts can be reached at x1573 unless otherwise noted

Full-Time Faculty

Ademiluyi, Adegoke          

 Professor, Department Chair GEOG JKSA 110B 1137 aademiluyi

Boakye-Sarpong, Kwame

Professor POLI TS 208 B 1247 ksarpong
Brooks, John Associate Professor, Dean of University College HIST HTC 110 1075 jibrooks
Boaheng, Paul Associate Professor PHIL LS 228 1761 pboaheng
DeLone, Gregory Associate Professor POLI STB113 1573 gdelone
Hall, Richard Associate Professor PHIL JKSA 301 2048 rhall
Hemstock, Hsiaofen Associate Professor POLI TS 208C 1125 hhemstock
Hennessey, Thomas (Retired) Associate Professor HIST  --------  ----  ----------
Johnson, Kofi Professor POLI TS 208A 1355 kjohnson
Johnson, Stanley Associate Professor HIST TS 209E 1248 sjohnson
Kadel, Bradley Associate Professor HIST LS 326 2071 bkadel
Kamalu, Ngozi Professor POLI TS 209D 1367 nkamalu
Lheem, Han Associate Professor, Dept. Assistant Chair POLI TS 208E 2000 hlheem
Lee, William Assistant Professor INTEL LT 315A 2120 wlee4
Ma, Juan Associate Professor GEOG LS 1935 jma
Massey, Perry Professor, Senior Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs GEOG Barber bldg 232 1475 pmassey
Mauze, Jihane Lecturer FESA  LS 322 2652 jmauze
Miller, Bertha Professor, Executive Assist to the Chancellor HIST Barber bldg 223 2431 bmiller
Mongkuo, Maurice Professor POLI LS 210 2001 mmongkuo
Osei, Joseph Professor PHIL LS 323 1883 josei
Pash, Sidney Associate Professor, UG Coordinator HIST LS 307 1583 spash
Radford-Curry, Blanche Professor PHIL LS 224 1945 bcurry
Rich, Gregory Professor PHIL LS 233 1045 grich
Taber, Robert D.  Assistant Professer HIST LS 325  2527 rtaber
Tran, Trung V. Assistant Professor GEOG LS 212B  2079 ttran1
Tomlinson, Linda Associate Professor HIST LS 321 1556 ltomlins
Walsh, Kelli Cardenas Associate Professor HIST TS 209D 1044 kwalsh
Anderson, Charles Lecturer HIST LS 327 1119 candor
Brady, Michael Lecturer INTL JKSA 101 1573 bradym
Gill, Ronald Lecturer FESA JKSA 101 1573 rgill
Murphy, Steven Lecturer INTL LT 315B 1573 smurph10
Osei, Owusu Lecturer GEOG JKSA 101 1573 oosei
Russo, Barbara Lecturer FESA JKSA 101 1573 brusso
Smith, Theron Lecturer PHIL JKSA 101 1573 tsmith83
Willet, Ronnie Lecturer FESA JKSA 101  1573 rwillet
White Oyler, Dianne Professor (Retired) HIST JKSA 101 1573 doyler

Chavis, Gardell 

Parker, Latoya M

Professional Advisor, FESA

Academic Advisor



LS 321

TS 108A





Smith, Sharon M. Administrative Associate Office Assistant III JKSA 101A 1573 smsmith
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