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Dr. Claude Hargrove

Dr. Claude Hargrove

Dr. Claude Hargrove
 Professor, Graduate Coordinator

(Retired, 2015)

Office: Taylor Science 209-C
Phone: 672-1448
Fax: 672-1090
Personal Homepage:


As a Professor of History, I have taught courses in U.S. Foreign Relations, Military History, American Revolution, Civil War, Recent American History, and Caribbean and Latin American History.  Have served or is serving in the following academic positions:

  • Coordinator of History and current Graduate Coordinator of the MA History Program, since 1998.
  • Former Foreign Service Office, U.S. Department of State  Politico-Military Analyst and Diplomat

Educational Background

  • Ph.D.  Howard University, Washington, D.C.
  • MA     University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI
  • BA      Virginia Union University, Richmond, VA
  • Post-doctorate Johns Hopkins University, Summer, 1980
  • West Point Fellow, Summer, 1999
  • NEH Fellow, Peking University, PRC, summer, 1995
  • Participant in Teaching Intelligence Seminar, CIA 2004 
  • President of the Faculty Senate (2005-2008)


  • HIST-353 History of Mexico
  • HIST 340-American Diplomatic History
  • HIST 602-Readings in 20TH American History

Developer of the following Online courses:

  • HIST 301 Civil War and Reconstruction
  • HIST 390 History of North Carolina
  • HIST 362 American Military Experience
  • HIST 510 Studies in Twentieth Century
  • HIST 506 Revolution and American Identity
  • HIST 520 Studies in U.S. Foreign Relations
  • HIST 512 Interpretations of 19th Century United States History
  • HIST 551 Caribbean History since Columbus to 1838
  • HIST 552 Caribbean History from 1838 to Castro


  • Teaching American History Grant: $135,000; 2003-2005


  • “James Lawson”, “Diane Bevel Nash”, “Racism”, “William Monroe Trotter”, “Robert C. Weaver”, in Civil Rights in the United States edited by Waldo Martin Jr. and Patricia Sullivan, McMillan Reference USA, NY., 2000
  • “African Americans in the Gilded Age and Progressive Era” in Encyclopedia of the Gilded Age and the Progressive Era, edited by John D. Buenker and Joseph Buenker, M.E. Sharpe, NY, 2005.

Publications on human rights: genocide in Africa—Burundi and Rwanda; also Armenia, modern slavery; articles on African American history: Adam Clayton Powell, Jr., Eldridge Cleaver, African Americans in the Glided Age and Progressive Era.  Current in United States relations with Cuba; also a historical novel, The Embassy.

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