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Dr. Han Lheem

Dr. Han Lheem

Dr. Han Lheem
Associate Professor, Political Science
Dept. Assistant Chair

Office: Taylor Social Science 208 E
Phone: 672-2000
Fax: 672-1090
Personal Homepage:


Dr. Han Lheem is a faculty of political science. His teaching areas include political cultures / philosophies, international relations / comparative politics, and research foci are philosophy of science, research methods, and political culture with regional specialties in East / Southeast Asia, thematic orientations of democratization / international economic cooperation / environmental policies, and methodological concentrations on historical / cultural and empirical / cross-national analyses. Before this position, he had also taught for three years at the University of Tennessee and served as a research fellow for the World Citizenship Institute for two years.


  • POLI 480 - Senior Seminar
  • POLI 461 - American Political Ideas
  • POLI 460 – Political Theory II
  • POLI 450 – Political Theory I
  • POLI 431 – International Organization
  • POLI 430 – International Politics
  • POLI 420 – Research Methods in Politics
  • HIPO 440 - Modern Ideologies


International political economy and sustainability / Non-Western political cultures & philosophies / social & political behaviors / Democratization and Economic Development / National and International Security 


Developmental Paradigms and LDCs in the 1980s: Conceptual and Methodological Obstacles to Empirical Verification of Theories, (Lambert, 2010: ISBN 978-3-8383-8701-7)

 State, Governance, and Environmental Sustainability: A Cross-National Analysis, (Lambert, 2009: ISBN 978-3-8383-1434-1)

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