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Dr. Juan Ma

Dr. Juan Ma
Associate Professor
of Public Administration

Office: JKSA 105
Phone: 672-1935
Fax: 672-1090
Personal Homepage:


  • Ph.D. Public Policy, Southern University and A&M College, USA
  • Ph.D. Ecology Science, Academy of Forestry, P.R. China
  • M.S. Natural Resources Potential Research and Management Beijing Normal University, P.R. China
  • B.S. Geography, Beijing Normal University, P.R. China

Other training

  • Grid Analysis and its application in GIS, (hosted by Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing, China)
  • FAO Fellowship on GIS techniques and Data Management, (hosted by Bureau of Rural Science, Canberra Australia) 


  • POLI 210: Principles of American Government
  • POLI 220: Principles of Public Administration
  • POLI 301: Organizational Theory
  • POLI 331: Politics and Urban Planning
  • POLI 402: Public Policy Analysis
  • POLI 442: Public Policy Analysis
  • POLI 490: Advanced Reading and Research


  • Environmental Policy Analysis; GIS application



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Jiang Youxu, Guo Quanshui, Ma Juan, - The Taxonomy of Forest Communities and the community Characteristics in China. Science Press; 1998


Understanding Land Ownership and Environmental Conservation from Perspectives of Enviro-Capitalism and Enviro-Socialism, The Journal of US-China Public Administration,Vol,7, No#6, June 2010, pp 15-23

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Spatial-temporal disease mapping of illicit drug abuse or dependence in the presence of misaligned ZIP codes, GeoJournal (Reviewed and accepted to publish in GeoJournal, Forthcoming)

Use of GIS to Assess Relationships between Brownfield Locations, Socio-Economic Status and Residential Segregation (Reviewed and under revision)

Application of Multiple Streams Framework for Land Management Policymaking in the United States: A Case study on Homestead Act of 1862  (Submitted and under review).

Technology Challenges to Global Environmental Policy Planning (in progress)

Problem Based Learning Designing, Practice and Student Learning Outcome by Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA) for Public Policy Analysis Courses (in progress)

The Natural Disasters, Response and Management under the National Incident Management System (NIMS) - Case study on Hurricanes Katrina/Rita Responses and Management to Oil and Hazardous Material (in progress)

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