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Dr. Trung V. Tran

Trung Tran

Dr. Trung V. Tran 
Assistant Professor, GISP

Office: LS 212-B
Phone: 672-2079
Fax: 672-1090


Dr. Trung Tran is an Assistant Professor of Geography in the Department of Government and History at Fayetteville State University. His formal training is in Geography, Remote Sensing, and GIS. He is interested in applying geospatial technologies including remote sensing, GIS, and GPS to investigating patterns and processes of land cover/use changes as well as their relationship with environmental changes. His past projects have been identifying deforestations and their linkage with socio-economic factors across southern United States. Future research will focus on land cover/use changes and their impact on environmental sustainability and human health. In his spare time, Trung plays badminton and swims. He also prefers travelling to not only enjoy the beauty of the nature but also learn how natural landscape has been altered by human.


Ph.D., University of Oklahoma, USA

M.E., HCMC University of Technology, Vietnam                                                  

B.E., HCMC University of Technology, Vietnam  


  • GIS Professional (GISP) by the GIS Certification Institute (2015-2020)· Grid-based map analysis and GIS modeling. Workshop led by Dr. Robert Gilmore Pontius at the Pecora 17 conference in Denver, Colorado, November 16-20, 2008.        
  • Building Geodatabase II. Certificate proposed by ESRI USA (2006). ·        
  • ESRI ArcGIS Instructor. Certificate proposed by ESRI Thailand (2005). ·        
  • Remote Sensing Satellite Technology. Certificate proposed and funded by the Asia-Pacific Workshop on Multilateral Cooperation in Space Technology and Applications and the China Academy of Satellite Technology in Beijing, China (2004).


GEOG 210 - Principles of Geography

GEOG 220 - Regional Geography

GEOG 314 - Introduction to Remote Sensing

GEOG 350 - Physical Geography


•        Patterns and processes of land cover/land use changes
•        Urban growth mapping and environmental impact analysis

•        Data fusion in remote sensing

•        Geographic representation, analysis, and modeling in GIS

•        Geographic process-based modeling, agent-based modeling

•        Applications of fuzzy theory in geospatial technologies


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