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Preparing students to become responsible global citizens and commit to develop tools for sustainable future. 

This is an interdisciplinary program and makes it possible for students to integrate social, economic and environmental concepts of sustainability into the undergraduate course studies. Students in any majors are able to incorporate sustainability as an important theme in their undergraduate degree program, and develop the knowledge, skills, and ethics to become sustainability leaders in their respective fields.


Course Descriptions:

Total Credit Hours
  • All Three (3) electives may NOT be taken within a student's own department in order that each student add breadth to their major course of study
  • Students need 18 credit hours, including 3 required courses (9 hrs) and 3 electives (9 hrs). 
  • C or higher grades are required for all minor courses


All courses shall be either sustainability-focused [1] or related[2] courses and must meet the standards of Sustainability Tracking and Assessment Reporting System (STARS) that is administered by Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE).

[1] Sustainability-focused course: incorporate sustainability as a distinct course component or module or concentrate on a single sustainability principle or issue.

 [2] Sustainability-related course: concentrate on the concept of sustainability, including its social, economic, and environmental dimensions, or examine an issue or topic using sustainability as a lens.


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