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UPA Side Walk

UPA side walk

University Place Apartments (UPA) is a beautiful complex, a few yards from the main campus gates. 
Upperclassmen students can enjoy single bedroom apartments in a safe and friendly community atmosphere.
University Place Apartments can house more than three hundred students in its several three story
apartment buildings.  With the increase in traffic along the Murchison Road Corridor, a need has arisen to
make the commute between main campus and UPA safer for pedestrians and motorists alike.

UPA side walk  UPA side walk

The project consist of the removal and replacement of signs, concrete sidewalks, concrete driveways,
including the installation of wheel chair ramps; removal and disposal of existing concrete, block walls and
shrubs; removal and reinstallation of chain link fence, and telephone box adjustment on Murchison Road in
Cumberland County.  All work and materials shall be in accordance with the provisions of the General
Guidelines of this contract, the Project Special Provisions, and the current editions of the North Carolina
Department of Transportation Standard Specifications for Roads and Structures, the North Carolina
Department of Transportation Roadway Standards Drawings, and the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control
Devices (MUTCD).

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