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Fayetteville State University provides a comprehensive benefits package for employees and their dependents. Many of the benefits are derived from The State of North Carolina General Statutes, policies and regulations promulgated by the General Administration of The University of North Carolina, and/or the language of specific insurance contracts or policies. The Office of Human Resources is responsible for the administration of these programs. For any benefits-related inquiry, please contact the Benefits Unit in The Office of Human Resources.

2017 Benefit Summary

2017 Benefits Plans Rate Sheet

 NC State Health Plan

Dependent Verification Eligibility Audit Update
Deadline Has Passed


The deadline for State Health Plan members to submit documentation to comply with the Dependent Eligibility Verification Audit was Monday, July 31, 2017. If you have not taken action or had your documentation denied, you are encouraged to immediately upload, email, fax or mail in hard copies of required documentation using the information outlined below. If using the eEnroll system (the Plan’s enrollment system), members will need to upload the required documents using the Document Center.  See step-by-step instructions and video tutorials via attachments, provided hyperlinks, or on the State Health Plan website.  eEnroll user name and passwords can be provided by the FSU - Benefits Team upon request.  Click here to view a complete listing of the Dependent Eligibility Verification Audit Required Documents

The State Health Plan will be reaching out to members who have missed the deadline in an effort to assist with collecting the required documents, as well as advising affected members prior to the termination of their dependent(s) coverage.

For this post-deadline period, please ensure to use the new contact information listed below to ask questions and/or to submit required documentation:

Contact List

Dependent Audit Hotline:


Dependent Audit Fax Line:


Dependent Audit Email Address:

State Health Plan Enrollment Portal: 


Dependent Audit Mailing Address:

State Health Plan
Attention: Dependent Audit
3200 Atlantic Ave.
Raleigh, NC 27604

NOTE:  FSU – Benefits Team cannot assist with uploading or approving dependent eligibility verification documentation.  If you have questions concerning the audit, required documentation, or to verify your submission - please contact the Dependent Audit Hotline: 866-416-4476.

* The information in this summary is not a contract and is subject to change by the proper authorities.  It should be understood that explanations in this summary cannot alter, modify, or otherwise change the controlling legal documents or general statues in a way, nor can any right accrue by reason of any inclusion or omission of any statement in this summary.

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