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Bonus Leave

The Office of Human Resources received correspondence form the Offices of State Human Resources (OSHR) and the President (OP), as it regards the Special Annual Leave Bonus for state employees, as approved by the North Carolina General Assembly.

The Bonus Leave Program, effective October 1, 2002, entitles permanent, probationary trainee and time-limited full time SPA employees who were eligible for vacation leave as of September 30, 2002, 80 hours as a vacation bonus. Full-time SPA employees who work less than 12 months and permanent part-time employees (half-time or more) receive pro-rata amounts of the 80 hours.

Senior Academic and Administrative Officers (SAAO) and employees exempt from the State Personnel Act (EPA) are entitled to 10 days of bonus leave. Full-time SAAO and EPA employees who work less than 12 months and permanent part-time SAAO and EPA employees who are eligible for annual leave receive pro-rata amounts of the 10 days.

Administration and Use of Bonus Leave

  • May be used for any purpose for which regular vacation leave is used.
  • Shall be taken only upon appropriate authorization.
  • Is charged in units of time consistent with regular vacation leave guidelines.
  • May be applied to negative balances of regular leave earned leave with the approval of the department head (or designee).
  • Shall be accounted for separately from regularly earned vacation  leave.
  • Will not be subject to conversion to sick leave.
  • Is available to be donated as vacation leave under the voluntary shared leave program.
  • Balances on December 31 will be retained by the employee and transferred into the next calendar year. It will not be considered as part of the maximum 240 hours of vacation leave that can be retained.

Separation of Employment
Bonus leave will be paid in addition to regular vacation leave if an employee leaves State government or appointment type changes to a non-leave earning status.

Any balance of bonus leave will be transferred with the employee who transfers to another State agency eligible for bonus leave.

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