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Theressa Graham
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HR Consultant/ Benefits Manager
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Leave Without Pay

Fayetteville State University follows and adheres to the Office of State Human Resources's leave without pay policy.

All full-time or part-time (half-time or more) permanent, probationary, trainee and time-limited employees.

Temporary, intermittent, and part-time (less than half-time), and student employees are not eligible.

1. Short Leave Without Pay - Leave for less than ½ the workdays and holidays in the month or pay period with supervisor approval.

2. Extended Leave Without Pay - Leave in excess of ½ the workdays and holidays in the month or pay period with supervisor approval. It shall not exceed six (6) months

Employee Responsibility

  • Apply in writing to his/her supervisor for leave without pay.
  • Obligated to return to duty within or at the end of the time granted. Failure to report at the expiration of a leave of absence, unless an extension has been granted, may be considered as a resignation.
  • Provide written notice of intention to return to work at least 30 days prior to the end of the leave. If not provided, the University is not required to provide reinstatement but my do so if feasible.
  • Notify the supervisor immedately when there is a decision not to return to work.

University Responsibility
The decision to grant leave without pay is an administrative one. Factors considered are:
• workload;
• need of the employee requesting leave;
• need for filling employee's job;
• chance of employee returning to duty; and
• obligation of the University to reinstate employee to a position of like status and pay.

Use of Leave Without Pay

• Vacation, but only after all accumulated vacation leave is exhausted.
• Sick Leave, but only after all accumulated sick leave is exhausted.
• Extended Educational Leave - accumulated vacation leave may be exhausted before going on LWOP; or employee may choose to retain part of all accumulated leave until their return to service.
• Worker's Compensation - in accordance with worker's compensation option selected.
• Military Leave - refer to military leave policy.

Notification to Employee
If it is necessary to fill a position vacant by leave without pay, or if it is necessary to terminate an employee on leave without pay, the position may be filled by a temporary or time-limited permanent appointment provided the employee on leave without pay is notified of such action immediately.

Retention of Benefits
An employee on leave without pay retains all accumulated sick leave, retirement status, and time earned toward his/her next salary increase.

The employee ceases to earn leave on the date the leave without pay begins; except in cases where an employee is drawing Worker's Compensation. The employee ceases to earn time toward salary increases except while on Military Leave, Leave Without Pay for educational purposes and while drawing Worker's Compensation.

An employee on leave without pay may continue the State's Health Insurance coverage by paying the full premium cost.

If the employee does not return to work immediately following leave without pay, the employee shall be paid for any unused vacation/bonus leave at time of separation.

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