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The major gifts program at Fayetteville State University aims to identify potential donors and secure funding for the immediate needs and future growth of FSU.
Donor contributions enable us to provide students with the resources necessary to excel in the classroom and beyond. First class facilities, highly qualified faculty and a variety of in-class and extracurricular programming are all made possible through your gifts to the University.
To make a secure gift online to Fayetteville State University, please click here.
The current health and future vitality of FSU depends on you. Facilities upgrades, endowment growth and other special projects would not be possible without your support. Opportunities exist in nearly every area of the University.
Several options exist to ensure that both your needs and the needs of FSU are met.  

  • Capital Projects – Modern and attractive facilities are required to attract and retain the best and brightest students. By helping to construct new buildings or by renovating existing structures, you directly impact the quality of a student’s experience at Fayetteville State University. 
  • Endowed Scholarships – By endowing a scholarship, you can benefit an FSU student directly. Scholarships help defray the cost of an education. A student is left with more time to concentrate on academic and extracurricular activities without worrying about how to finance their education. For more information click here.
  • Memorial Gifts – A memorial gift is a great way to recognize a loved one. Memorials range from scholarships to academic chairs and from sports facilities to concert series. Many other opportunities are also available that ensure your loved one will be eternally recognized at the University.
  • Special Projects – Each department at Fayetteville State has unique needs. From cutting edge measuring instruments in a chemistry lab to state-of-the-art musical instruments in the band room, you can make a tremendous impact on a specific department. FSU students benefit directly from using modern equipment usually reserved for their university and graduate counterparts.
  • How to Make a Gift – Several methods may be used to fulfill your wish to support Fayetteville State University. Stocks, bonds, IRA’s, real estate, cash and capital assets can be used to fund a major gift. By making a gift to FSU you may also reduce or eliminate your tax burden on long held, highly appreciated assets.  To discuss a stock gift or transfer, please email or call Mary Bailey at 910-672-1729.





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