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International Student Guide

  • Immigration Overview - US laws and regulations governing non-citizens.
  • Documents - passport, Form I-20, Visa, Form I-94.
  • Immigration Responsibilities - An international student in the United States must abide by certain rules and regulations, in order to maintain their immigration status.
  • Travel Abroad - While enrolled at Fayetteville State University, you and your dependents can travel outside the United States with the proper documents.
  • Social Security Number - The Social Security Number is a 9-digit number issued by the U. S. government to individuals in the United States for identification purposes related to employment and taxes.
  • Emergencies - Who to contact when the International Student Center is closed.
  • Graduation - Current law requires that, within 60 days of graduation, you return to your country of permanent residence. 
  • Working in Major Area - Practical Training, if applied for in a timely manner, is available to international students who will not be returning home or pursuing a higher degree.
  • Traveling while on OPT- Required document.

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