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Account Information

For Students

Lyons LabA network/e-mail account will be automatically created for you when you register for classes, and will be available to you 24 hours after you are REGISTERED COMPLETELY and have no holds on your account. To look up your account information, go to the Account Lookup form.

You may also confirm the creation of your email account within Banner by clicking the Email addresses link under personal information.

If you are a registered student and still cannot find your account information please call the ITTS Help Desk at 910.672.HELP or 910.672.4357 for further assistance.

For Faculty and Staff

Faculty in labThe procedure to request a new network/e-mail account is done online (your supervisor should be aware of the process). The electronic request will inform the requestor, the supervisor and ITTS. Faxing or dropping by in person will NOT start the process.

After the request has been submitted, the new employee should to come to ITTS for orientation, the password and to get their Outlook set up, either remotely or by work order. Sometimes users get accounts and don't stop in at ITTS due to scheduling conflicts. A quick call (ext. 672-HELP or 672-4357) to the ITTS Help Desk, requesting assistance setting up Outlook or a new PC will take care of it

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