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View Faculty Schedule

View the Faculty Schedule by Day and Time? 

View the Detailed Faculty Schedule?

From the Detailed Faculty Schedule, you can:

  1. "Add Syllabus" [View screenshot].
    • Click on "Add" in the Syllabus row.
    • Enter your Syllabus information  [View screenshot].
    • Click on "Submit."
  2. "View the classlist" [View screenshot].
    • Click on "Classlist" in the Rosters row.
    • View the classlist  [View screenshot].
  3. "Add Office Hours" [View screenshot].
    • Click on "Add" in the Office Hours row.
    • Enter your office hour information  [View screenshot].
    • Click on "Submit."
    • If you have identical office hours for all classes, you can copy hours from one class to others [View screenshot].
    • Select the class you want to copy to in the dropdown list.
    • Click on "Submit."
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