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Services and Fees

What you pay for and what you get

There is a strong connection between the quality of technology services and the associated costs. There is also a wide variation in the ways campuses charge for these services. To evaluate the benefits you will receive and to compare costs, you’ll need answers to these questions.

Fees and expenses
  1. What, if any, technology fee is charged by the campus?

    Yes, FSU charges a $275.00 technology fee per academic year for all students
  2. Will you be required to purchase your own computer equipment and software?

    No, FSU does not require students to purchase a computer.
  3. Does the campus make computing and network access financially accessible?

    Students have free access to computer labs across campus. Network access is included in the room charges for students living in the residence halls.
Technical support
  1. What hardware and software standards, if any, does the campus require, recommend, and/or support?

    The ITTS Helpdesk website provides information about minimum requirements to get connected to the campus network.
  2. What kinds of support services (help desk, training, troubleshooting) are provided by the campus, and when are they available?

    Our ITTS Helpdesk is available 24/7 by phone, live chat or email.
  3. Does the campus have a plan for keeping its hardware and software current, and if so, what is the replacement cycle?

    To maintain reliability, a three-year replacement cycle is recommended for most computers purchased by the university.
  4. If you bring your own computer to school, what kind of technical support can you expect from the campus?
    Students will receive internet access and technical support limited to connectivity issues.
Other services
  1. How does the campus support printing for students, and is there a charge for this service?

    Student receive 350 pages per semester. Additional pages may be purchased in lots of 100 pages.
  2. Does the campus provide wireless network coverage? If so, how much of the campus has wireless connectivity?

    Visit the WiFi website to learn about wireless network coverage.
  3. What security measures are provided by the institution’s IT department and what will be the student’s responsibility (for example, antivirus software)?

    The University network has numerous security systems in place, most visible is the Switches and Controllers which will not allow unauthenticated computers or computers with outdated virus protection software onto the network.
  4. Does the campus include the cost of technical accessories (for example, a technology-enabled note-taking pen that provides an interface to a CMS) in its technology fee, or are students required to purchase these items separately?

    Student are required to purchase those type of item separately.
  5. Does the campus support the purchase and use of e-textbooks? Do the baseline hardware and software standards support this technology?

    The FSU Bookstore does not provide e-textbooks, but the hardware and software in the labs have sufficient memory and processing power to support them.


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