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Information Technology and Telecommunications Services


ITTS Units

Applications Services
Application Services is responsible for administrative computing functions, from planning and consulting through design, delivery, and maintenance (including training and user support) of information systems. This group develops standards for access and security while coordinating college-wide agreement on data issues.

BRS Services
Banner Reports and Security

BIS Services
Banner Integration and Systems

BDBA Sevices
Banner Database Administration Services

IT Training
The mission of IT Training is to provide training in the form of workshops, one on one consultations, and alternative forms of training when applicable. The purpose of this training is to provide computer instruction to those at the university and those looking to improve their skills, in addition to providing employees and students with the ability to re-educate, or update their learned skills.

Web Services
Web Services provides consultation and assistance to faculty, staff and students in content digitization, web site development and usage of the campus web and the FSU Blackboard system.

The mission of systems is to research and provide software and services that help the Fayetteville State University community excel. This embraces our pledge to provide only the absolute best in quality and customer service.

Networking and Telephone Services
The Networking Services team is responsible for administering several phases of the campus network. This includes network installation and construction, network repair, maintenance, and upgrading, networking date/voice/video communications, and PC hardware recommendations.Networking

Instructional and Client Services & Inventory
Client Services provides hardware and software support for computers and related equipment used in labs, kiosk, and offices throughout Fayetteville State University’s campus. These services consist of managing calls at our help desk, supporting Information Technology and Open Use computer labs, providing documentation, and assisting with the operation of the campus network. It consists of a coordinator and a team of students (BEEPS) who assist Fayetteville State University students with Internet connectivity to the campus network and the maintenance of any computer equipment that is strictly for student use in the resident halls.

Smart Classrooms
Media Services provide maintain the multimedia equipment in classrooms and provide training on use of the equipment

Student Technicians
Assist the Information Technology and Telecommunication Services (ITTS) staff in meeting the increasing demands of students, faculty, staff and administration.

Distance Learning
The Distance Learning Center provides opportunities to faculty, staff, students and external agencies in Southeastern North Carolina, to participate in interactive classes and teleconferencing via the North Carolina Information Highway and the North Carolina Research Education Network.

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