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Lyons Science Annex Computer Lab

Another view of the computers in the new labThe open computer lab in the Lyons Science Annex is packed full of new computers and offers an open, airy environment for students to work in.

There are three workstations dedicated for exclusive use by students with disabilities. These workstations are placed in an easily accessible area for wheelchair users and feature adjustable height tables.

Students and staff wishing to use the lab must present their Bronco cards, so be sure to bring yours with you.

There are a total of eighty-six workstations available:
  • Two Mac G5’s with 3 GHz Dual Core Intel Zeon processors and Cinema displays
  • Four iMacs with 2.4 GHz Intel Core Duo processors and Cinema displays
  • Eighty Hewlett-Packard Windows XP machines that feature 150GB hard drives and 2 GB of RAM
  • Six additional workstations being set up as dual-bootable to Linux and Windows XP are coming soon.
  • All of the Windows machines boast 19 inch flat panel monitors.
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