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Unsupported Software

University owned computers should be used only for appropriate educational and university business purposes. Spyware software in no way supports such purposes. ITTS prohibits the installation of such software on university owned computers. In addition, ITTS staff will immediately uninstall any Spyware programs found on university owned computers.

Spyware software programs are known to negatively impact campus computing in one or more of the following ways:  

  • Causes conflicts with work-related software applications
  • Poses a potential security risk by opening unnecessary TCP/IP ports
  • Causes computers to boot and/or operate slowly
  • Violates privacy by sending user information to 3rd parties
  • Increase of SPAM and pornographic material via e-mail
  • Causes computers to boot and/or operate slowly
  • Violates privacy by sending user information to 3rd parties
  • Increase of SPAM and pornographic material via e-mail
  • May cause conflicts with vital functions such as printing and web browsing
  • Impacts system resources causing computers to act sluggish (memory, CPU)
  • Conflicts with or alteration of vital operating system files
  • Causes the computer to crash often
  • Unnecessary use of network bandwidth and resources
  • Installs spyware or adaware
  • Increase in annoying pop-up ads
  • Causes additional work load for ITS staff, hence increasing response time for
    work orders 

Please contact the ITTS Helpdesk at extension 4357 for assistance in the removal of any of the following programs which are considered Spyware.  You will be notified as we discover additional Spyware software.

Web Search tool (adware),1151,9599,00.html

Sponsored pop-up ads (e.g. "Buy toner") when using your printer (spyware)

File Sharing (spyware, copyright infringement, high bandwidth use, banned in CCLs)

Aureate / Radiate
Spyware "bundled" with many free downloads, screen savers, web sites, etc.

Bargain Buddy
Advertising (spyware, bandwidth use, computer resources)

File Sharing (spyware, copyright infringement, high bandwidth use, banned in CCLs)

Bonzai Buddy
PC "Pet" (resource drain, application conflicts, no university related purpose)

Brilliant Digital
Brilliant Plan to Usurp Internet Bandwidth
UC-Berkeley - Security Risks and Bandwidth Hijacking

Comet Cursor
Animated cursor (probable spyware, waste of resources, possible application conflicts)

Targeted advertising (spyware, resource drain)

CyDoor (spyware, resource drain)

DLDER (spyware trojan)

Gator, OfferCompanion, Trickler, GAIN
Very intrusive spyware that auto-fills web forms. Dangerous because it caches and "remembers" credit card numbers.

Download accelerator (slows boot time, drains resources, multiple spyware)


Stealth Network Hides Inside Kazaa

Targeted advertising bundled with many "free" applications (spyware)

Spinner (Not Spyware)
As with many of the other programs listed here, it is an unnecessary application that uses up valuable system resources, especially memory and network bandwidth. One problem that sets Spinner apart from others is that, by default, it starts automatically after logon. Many necessary system services are loading at this time - so the less there is, the quicker the system boots, and the sooner you can start using the system.  If ITS finds that Spinner is installed on your PC and causing conflicts, it will be removed immediately by ITS staff.

Continuous, real-time weather reports (high bandwidth use, potential security risk, slows boot time, can disable printing, spyware)
"Spyware" catches school tech directors by surprise
Weatherbug - Bandwidth Use and Questionable Behavior
UWM School of Education: Conflicts, Not Supported, Banned in Labs
Duke University: list of troublesome software

Advertising spyware that overwrites the important wsock32.dll system file (spyware, potential security risk)

Extremely intrusive spyware, can disable internet connection

Wallpaper rotation utility (spyware, slows boot time and system operation, application and operating system conflicts)
U of AZ: Webshots Causes Computer Performance Problems

Xupiter, like Gator, is spyware that can be installed on your computer without your knowledge if your Internet security settings are not set correctly. It can be installed when you visit a web site or click on an advertising link. Applications that install in this manner are also referred to as "drive-by downloads." (This term was probably derived from a similar term, "drive-by hacking", which describes a practice hackers employ to hack into wireless networks. In the case of spyware, the term "drive-by" is figurative; in the case of hackers, the term is literal.)  If you suspect that you may have Xupiter installed on your computer or you find that your web browser is running very slow, please call the ITTS Help Desk at 672-4357 to have it removed from your computer.

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