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The Bronco Educational and Employment Program for Students (BEEPS) at Fayetteville State University is designed to provide students with opportunities to develop skills in the field of Information Technology while at the same time providing financial support towards their educational goals.

Students DO NOT need to apply for Financial Aid (Work Study) to be considered for BEEPS.

Students will be exposed to a variety of technological venues that will provide them with real world work experience as well as prepare them for potential employers. Qualified students will be working in a structured environment with set goals and training opportunities, where they will assist ITTS staff in meeting the increasing demands of students, faculty, staff and administration by working as a team member and as well as an independent, depending on their progress.

Our goal is to assist Fayetteville State University with its mission in graduating responsible, dependable individuals, while providing ITTS student employees with resources to further their education and assisting them in developing the necessary skills to be responsible and productive members of society.

A Constituent Institution of The University of North Carolina