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Information Technology and Telecommunications Services

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Fayetteville State University is currently using a Microsoft Exchange Mail environment.

Network Printing
Managed Remote printing is provided through IP-based printing to Networked HP printers.

File Storage

Computer Equipment Ordering Assistance and Recommendations
Support and assistance with ordering computer equipment is provided to all Fayetteville State University users. The recommendations on our pricing page have been tested and verified to be compatible with our software packages and network configurations. Ordering information is available on this web site for ordering computers, printers, and accessories.

Lab Design Assistance
Support is available for designing and coordinating the installation of new computer labs. Support is also available for reconfiguring and updating of existing computer labs.

Research and Development
Looking into products, services, and technologies for possible use by the campus community. Research and development is done by acquiring new technologies and testing them for what can or cannot be done. Models are then developed for future reference.

Maintenance Window

In order to better serve the needs of the FSU Community, we have implemented a Scheduled Systems Maintenance Window.

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