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Legal Alternatives to Illegal Downloading

It can be hard to find music that you can get into and even harder to buy it on the college budget. Don't let this force you to illegally download music! Here are some 100% FREE alternatives to illegally downloading your music.

Groove Shark
Groove Shark offers you the chance to create your own online music library! Signing up takes less time than checking your email and once you are in, Groove Shark's entire online music database is right at your fingertips. Search for your favorite artists, songs and bands, save your playlists and you have your very own online music archive accessible from any computer with internet access!

Pandora is an online mp3 radio source. It offers you a way to find new music that suits your taste. Simply enter any band, artist or song that you like into Pandora's search engine and it will setup a station featuring what you requested, as well as music that fits your parameters.

While not as sleek as Pandora, Slacker offers the same service. If you are looking for something new to groove to, Slacker should not be overlooked as a way to get you there!

Shoutcast is an online radio service that allows you to browse over 700 pages of online stations that are just waiting for you to tune in! You can find just about any genre of music on Shoutcast and can listen to it commercial free. Go now and just click the "tune in" button to start listening!

It's so simple, it's revolutionary. Just listen to your music with your computer's music player - as you do every day - and will "scrobble" your playlists. Your tastes, insights and preferences help fuel a worldwide social musical revolution. And it's all free! Give it a shot!

Qtrax is an advertiser-supported free and legal P2P music download service based in New York. The service is 100% advertising supported and there are no registration fees or download fees. Qtrax currently has over 800,000 songs which can be downloaded and played as often as the consumer wants as long as they are connected to the internet.

Imeem (Now integrated with MySpace)
Imeem is the world’s leading social music service, enabling music fans to discover, interact and express themselves with music and playlists, and connect with other people based on shared tastes and interests.

People can share their discoveries with friends on imeem and across the web in a variety of ways, from sharing links on Twitter and sending playlists by email to embedding playlists on their blogs or social networking profiles. Get started by creating a playlist today.

imeem pioneered the idea of offering fans free, on-demand music and video streaming with the costs supported by advertising. We’re partnered with all four major labels and thousands of artists, independent labels and music distributors to offer their music and video for free streaming on imeem.

Millions of people visit the imeem website every month to discover music and build playlists to share across the Web.

Music Services with a Price

There are many sources for downloading music at a price per track! By using these services, you have access to more features and are able to do more with the media that you choose to download since you own the music. Here are some of the most popular sites where you can purchase music by the track:

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