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Web Style and Server Use Guide

The purpose of this Website is to promote and retain quality and uniform standards for Fayetteville State University's Web sites and Web servers.

Topics Covered in this Guide
  • Web Style and Structure - Outlines the tiered structure of FSU's site and different compliance levels for University administration and mission related sites, including personal FSU Web sites.
  • Navigation Structure - Explains the main FSU Web site navigational structure so that other Web developers on campus can organize their site in a similar fashion.
  • Accessibility - ADA Compliance - Ensures that FSU's Web presence remains accessible to all users.
  • Compliance Checklist - Contains requirements and recommendations for design and content elements based on each tier.

FSU Home page

  • Colors and Fonts - Recommends appropriate use of Web colors and fonts to closely follow FSU's Identity Guide.
  • Images and Logos - Outlines the rules of FSU logo use; Web image formats, photographs and artwork, including copyright information.
  • Templates - The Content Management System provides all the needed templates.
  • Tips - Provides tips for naming files and other Web related information.
  • Help - Provides assistance to help you apply the new template and contact information.
  • Web Server Use Policy
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