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Colors and Fonts

Primary Color Usage - from the FSU Graphic Identity Guide. January, 2012
Hex # 0067B1 FSU Blue
Hex # B0B7BC Slate Gray


Secondary Color Usage

Along with the FSU Blue and Slate Gray, below is a group of secondary colors approved for use as accent colors. The dark gray is only to be used as color for body copy and subheads.

Hex # F78E1E Orange
Hex # 00A94F Green
Hex # FFC425 Yellow
Hex # B51A8A Violet
Hex # 5F6062 Dark Gray
Hex # DDDDDD Metallic Silver

Fonts are online typefaces. One or two fonts are generally used on a Web site. This gives the site a polished and consistent look. Use bold and italics sparingly to emphasize text.

Arial is a common font found on most computers. It is a good choice for Web sites because it is easy to read on your computer screen.  

Type Size

Lengthy sections of type should be no smaller than size 2 (10 pt.). This size should be use for paragraph text.
Size 1 (8 pt.) is too small for reading large areas of text. The exception is text in page footer links. (See the footer of this page.)

Font Size Examples

xx-small is difficult to read. Do not use it for bodies of text.
x-small is easy to read. This is a good choice for paragraph length bodies of text and/or headers.
Normal is easy to read. It is good for headers.

 Test! Test! Test!

To ensure that your site is viewed in the manner you intend, test how your site looks on different browsers and platforms. It wouldn't be a bad idea to also test the pages from another computer.

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