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Compliance Checklist for FSU Web Pages

Please use the checklist below to ensure that your Web pages are compliant with design and content elements.  Items with a checkmark (Check mark ) indicates a required element.  An exclamation mark ( Exclamation point ) means the element is strongly recommended.

Tier 1 - Main FSU Home page and "Of Interest To" links, including the Search Page.
Tiers 2-3 - Administrative, Academic, and reporting units.
Tier 4 - Pages for personal or organizational use (students, faculty and staff)



Design (Format & Presentation) Elements 1 2 3 4
Conforms to ADA Priority 1 requirements. exclaim.gif
Is Accessible by both Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers. exclaim.gif
Uses titles (headings) and/or navigational aids to indicate user's location within a Website exclaim.gif
Is designed for 1024 x 768 pixels screen resolution exclaim.gif
Use of correct colors  
Use of designated template   
Content Elements  
Site pages display customized banner which includes FSU logo  

Site home page includes links to the following:

  • -FSU's home page
  • -Footer with UNC's commitment and copyright notice (see this page's footer for example)
Main site home page contains unit's physical address, mailing address, phone/fax and email address.
Navigation bar contains link back to unit's home page  
Staff and faculty listings presented in table format.
A Constituent Institution of The University of North Carolina