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Web Style and Structure

Web Style and Structure

StructureTo maintain a consistent appearance and to ensure that FSU's Web Site keeps the standards according to the Web Style Guide, the organizational structure has been divided into a tier approach. This method will promote a coordinated look for University-mission-related pages. Student groups, faculty and staff who have personal home pages will be allowed to use their creativity based on the standards and policies established in the Proposed Web Server Use Guide and copyright laws. Click on the image for larger view.

University Mission Related Web Pages (Tiers 1-3)

These will contain official University information that are directly related with the University's mission. ITTS will be responsible for updating and maintaining Tier 1 (Level I and 2). 

Under guidance of ITTS, Tier 2 and 3 units will be responsible for the maintenance of these Web Sites. Units will have a designated Web developer that will be responsible to post and update content as needed. It is strongly encouraged to update and review these Web Sites at least once a month and delete any unwanted graphic files not being used.

Disallowed Web Elements in Tiers 1-3:

  • Blinking text
  • Scrolling Text
Student Groups, Faculty and Staff Personal Home Pages (Tiers 4)

These are individual (personal) Web pages maintained solely by the respective student organizations or by members of the University faculty that reside on our Web servers.  FSU is not responsible for Personal pages, but individuals must comply by the Proposed Web Server Use Policy guidelines.  The University reserves the right to remove any pages or links that violates any of these policies.

Course-Related Pages

Course-Related Pages do not fall under this hierarchical structure but should adhere to the Accessibility Guidelines.

Web Hierarchical Structure
University Mission Related Web Pages Tier 1 - Level 1

FSU Home pageThis relates to Fayetteville State University's home page and serves as the main entry point to the site. This page will include links to Tier 1 - Level 2 pages that will include links of interest to prospective students, current students, faculty and staff, alumni and a search link.




Tier 1 - Level 2

Second levelLevel 2 contains information and links to administrative and academic Web pages that are contained in Tier 3.  





Tiers 2 and 3 

Third level

Tier 2 contains administrative and academic Web pages and Tier 3 contains reporting units.  For example, the School of Education Web site would be Tier 2 and the Office of Teacher Education Web site would be Tier 3.





Tier 4

Student Groups, Faculty, and Non-Profit Personal Home Pages

Tier 4 pages are other non-University-mission related pages that are allowed to reside on FSU servers. Space for these pages is provided as a courtesy to the University community and should not violate FSU Proposed Web Server Use Policies.

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